There’s a lot of online PC games in the world, but only a select handful tower above the rest and make hollow-eyed and sleep-deprived addicts of us all. Here’s a list of the top five addicting games out there:

World of Warcraft

Since 2004, millions of gamers worldwide have been busy shunning their other commitments to make a daily pilgrimage to the shores of Azeroth and hallowed halls of Orgimmar in order to participate in the massive multiplayer online game that is World of Warcraft. Developer Blizzard’s online beast may not be as popular as it once was — in fact, recent reports show it has lost 1.3 million subscribers and seen a massive revenue drop — but it still possesses a huge cult following, and only a fool would argue with its impressive pedigree and longevity. No matter what, World of Warcraft will always have something of a big “WoW” factor.


Arcade_Turbo_JoystickAfter Nintendo’s Mario franchise, Pokemon is the second-most successful and lucrative game-based media franchise in the world. As a legion of fans will testify, it’s not hard to see why. The game seems to have been around forever, but Satoshi Tajiri’s smash was only unleashed on the world in 1996. As the game’s continued popularity proves, we can’t stop trying to “catch ’em all.” Consequently, Pokemon has long been the bane of office workers everywhere.

The Sims

The appeal of The Sims is that it allows PC users everywhere to control the mind, body and heart of a host of different characters. The Sims is the all-time bestselling PC franchise, and as online PC games go, it couldn’t be any more addicting. Since the turn of the millennium, the series has progressed in a big way, and the possibilities of what you can now do with a Sim are pretty limitless. It’s very much a case of dreaming big and living large in this virtual world.

Candy Crush Saga

Sometimes the most addicting online PC games are also the most simple, and they don’t come any simpler than Candy Crush Saga. In theory, spending hours staring at a computer screen trying to match candies and earn points may not sound that exciting, but somehow, like Hexic HD and Bejeweled before it, Candy Crush Saga is proving to be a fierce addiction.

Call of Duty

You didn’t think it would really be left of the list, did you? Hundreds of thousands of gamers answer the Call of Duty online at any given moment, and this gaming phenomenon’s popularity shows no sign of wavering. With intense story lines and a host of gaming options, modes, and weapons to arm yourself with, this is the sort of addicting online PC game that people go to war for.

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons