faster-gameplayHigh-end gamers have a need for speed when playing their favorite online games. No matter how fast they push the button, press the keys or wave around the controller, they want faster gameplay. If lag hits it can cause the player’s character to die, hurt an in-game friend, or worst of all, destroy a group of players during a raid. Lag cannot be avoided, but most of the time it can be minimized. One of the first things to do is go to and take an Internet speed test.

Internet Speed

Internet speed may have to be upgraded for some games. The faster the Internet speed, the more data that can be downloaded to the device. This can usually be done by calling the local cable company and having a boost added to the account. Be careful of the salesperson on the other line as they may try to sell a gamer’s package. This “gamer’s package” could cost $100 to $500 more per month. In most cases the device will not handle the 1Gbps speed the salesperson is trying to sell.


There are several potential lag issues that can arise within a gamer’s hardware. Below are some of the most common suspects:

  • Modem: These days, the modem is usually supplied by the Internet carrier. Unless a new one is purchased, there isn’t anything that can change the modem speed. If there are severe issues, the Internet carrier can be contacted and a replacement can be issued, or an update can be installed.
  • Router: Users get what they pay for. The better the router, the better the performance. If the wireless or network card cannot support the speed of the router, then a more expensive router is worthless. They all have to be upgraded to see a significant change.
  • Memory: Memory is mainly used in conjunction with the processor to increase performance, but it depends on the developer of the game. High-end games need more video memory, which is the memory on the video card. Many developers are using machine-language code to enhance video performance.
  • Wired vs Wireless: This makes a big difference. Wireless connections are much more convenient, but they also lose bandwidth. Distance, radio waves, and high magnetic areas can all be factors in bandwidth loss. Players always get faster gameplay from a wired connection.


  • Drivers: The main issue in this category is drivers. Every piece of hardware has software drivers that tell them what to do. Keep the most recent drivers updated for the device.
  • Updates: Keep the most recent updates installed on software products like Flash or the operating system.
  • Anti-virus software: Check anti-virus software. Many times the internal firewall will be active and it can stop or slow down packet exchanges from the game to the device.

Game Time

It may seem silly to some, but what time of day the gamer plays can be important. If the game gets too many players on at the same time, it will lag. The less people playing, the better the experience.

Internal Game Settings

Most games have internal settings that can be adjusted by the player. Players like to assume that their device can handle the best of settings, but this is not always true. Changing background noises and video filters can give the game a much better flow.

The first thing to getting that faster gameplay from a device is to take Internet speed test. Gamers can go to for all their devices’s needs. Once they know that the Internet is solid, they can just go down the list and decide what is financially feasible.