Hot on the heels of their approved purchase of Time Warner, two new AT&T unlimited plans were announced this week. The details reveal obviously closer synergies between the network and the content providers they now own. Both plans appear aimed at attracting cord cutters while keeping current AT&T customers in the fold.

AT&T Globe

The AT&T Globe. Copyright AT&T.

News about the new AT&T unlimited data plans appeared in Engadget. Read further for additional details as well as our analysis. Perhaps selecting one makes sense to save money while upgrading your personal TV streaming and Internet experience?

Details on the New AT&T Unlimited Plans

AT&T’s new offerings are called Unlimited & More and Unlimited & More Premium. Both include the recently announced OTT live TV streaming service now called WatchTV. We previously covered the new product when it was known as just “Watch” according to AT&T head, Randall Stephenson.

The standard Unlimited & More plan sports a monthly price of $70. This assumes paperless billing and automatic payments. AT&T Unlimited & More Premium costs $10 more per month, while adding 15 gigs of tethering data and 1080p HD video streaming. The standard plan includes no mobile hotspot tethering and only 480p streaming resolution.

One perk worthy of notice for AT&T’s Premium subscribers is one free premium service. Movie channels like HBO or Showtime are options as well as music streaming services like Amazon Music Unlimited or Pandora Premium. Considering the high-definition video streaming and tethering capabilities, expect many consumers to opt for the premium option.

A Closer Look at AT&T WatchTV

In addition to WatchTV, subscribers to these new plans also receive $15 monthly credit for DirecTV Now. WatchTV offers a variety of channels from the AT&T Time Warner fold, including CNN, TBS, and TCM. Other channels include A&E and BBC World News.

If you are interested in subscribing to WatchTV without an AT&T account, expect to pay a $15 monthly fee. It’s a “skinny” bundle offering, containing 30 total channels. Most notably there are no sports channels, which traditionally raise the monthly fee of plans that include them. ESPN, we’re looking at you.

No zero-rating channel offerings appear to be part of these two AT&T unlimited plans. While HBO is a free perk available to Unlimited & More Premium subscribers, so is Showtime and Amazon Music Unlimited. Stay tuned to see what happens in the wake of the Net Neutrality repeal.

Ultimately, the new AT&T wireless plans are attractive to current U-verse TV customers as well as those looking for an alternative to their mobile Internet provider. They keep you tethered to your TV service, in addition to movie and music content no matter you location. Expect others in the industry, like Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint to follow suit with their own new unlimited plans. Mobile on-demand video service is becoming a wave.

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