It appears 5G wireless technology is poised to move from the laboratory to the real world as Verizon Wireless announced plans to reach 30 million residences with their new service. Note that “5G” – just like 4G, 3G, etc. – remains a marketing term rather than a hard technical standard. Nonetheless, fixed wireless Internet service at gigabit speeds looks to be coming sooner than later.


Verizon Wireless. Logo copyright Verizon.

News about this planned Verizon Wireless’ 5G rollout first appeared in Telecompetitor. Now let’s take a closer look at the details to see if and when Verizon 5G is coming to your city.

Verizon 5G expanding outside FiOS Service Areas

The new service areas targeted by Verizon for their 5G service lie outside of the regions currently receiving Big Red’s FiOS fiber offering. The company expects the full rollout to take a few years, with some customers likely able to sign up for the service in 2018. This is faster than previously expected due to Verizon’s successful trials with the millimeter wave technology used to transmit 5G wireless signals.

Verizon noted their millimeter wave trails achieved gigabyte speeds over distances of 2,000 feet. Vertical coverage extending up to 20 stories makes this fixed wireless service especially suitable for apartments, condominiums, and other multi-dwelling developments.

5G Service Bundles planned by Verizon

As with other Verizon product offerings, Big Red plans on offering 5G service bundled with voice and digital TV. They expect to attract bundled service customers from other providers. Of course, standalone service will be available as well.

The fact Verizon plans its initial 5G rollout for areas not currently serviced by FiOS reveals the company’s competitive streak. In short, they mean business. Big Red largely stayed out of the fiber gigabit battle between AT&T and Google, but it looks like they are placing their bets on 5G network technology.

Customers in regions already served by Verizon needn’t worry, as the company plans on bringing 5G service to those areas. Initially, their focus appears to be outside their current customer base, as noted earlier.

Sacramento and three to four other unannounced areas begin receiving the fixed wireless service in 2018. Verizon plans a full rollout for the following year. Mobile 5G service is also in the works, along with an IoT product.

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