Viasat Internet Provider

Viasat Internet (formerly Exede + WildBlue) offers internet service across 50 states with the great coverage almost virtually everywhere. Satellite internet from Viasat is available to an estimated 308.0 million people, making it the 2nd largest residential satellite provider in the U.S. by coverage area. With Viasat internet, living outside the cable zone doesn't mean slow internet anymore.

Get started with Viasat

$50/mo for 12 mos,
+ taxes &
equip. fee

  • Nationwide availability
  • No hard data caps
  • Price-lock guarantee: lock in your monthly rate for two years
*ltd. avail / areas See details

Advantages of Viasat internet

  • Viasat uses newer satellites equipped with more advanced technology than competitor providers
  • Viasat Satellite is available virtually anywhere across the United States
  • Viasat internet packages offer unlimited data with tiered-system data thresholds
  • Viasat offers an inclusive variety of speed and data options to fit varied internet demands

Disadvantages of Viasat internet

  • All Viasat internet packages require a 2-year contract
  • After 3 months, all Viasat plan prices increase by about 33%
  • Additionally purchased top-up data does not rollover
  • Internet plans have restricted streaming quality
  • Internet Basic 5      Starting at $39.99/mo.      Up to 5Mbps
  • Internet 50      Starting at $39.99/mo.      Up to 50Mbps
  • Internet 100      Starting at $39.99/mo.      Up to 100Mbps
  • 1 GIG Internet      Starting at $39.99/mo.      Up to 940Mbps

If you’re looking for the fastest Satellite internet service your money can buy you, Viasat is your simple solution. Compared to competitors, Viasat uses newer satellites that are designed to deliver stronger connectivity than HughesNet. Viasat’s top speed performance is nearly four times faster than HughesNet’s top speed.

Viasat Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Viasat internet cost per month?

Viasat internet plans range between $30 per month and $150 per month. The pricier the plan, the more impressive the speed and bandwidth capacity. Do keep in mind that all Viasat internet package prices increase by about 33% after 3-months.

How fast is Viasat internet?

Viasat currently reigns as the fastest Satellite internet option boasting speeds of up to 100 Mbps. These top-end speeds are ideal for those who live in remote or rural areas looking for a lightning-fast web connection.

Does Viasat internet include WiFi?

Yes. You can choose to either use your own WiFi router or order a Viasat WiFi modem.

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