Internet Providers in Washington

Internet Providers in Washington

Washington Internet Providers

The state of Washington is home to 18 internet providers. With so many options available, determining which provider and plan works best for you can be challenging. At Bandwidth Place, our goal is to make that process simple, painless, and straightforward.

Shop all Washington internet service providers and compare both residential and business options below.

Washington Average Internet Speed


Washington Internet & Internet Providers Trends


16.3% of Washington has access to over 1000Mbps


29.8% of Washington has access to Fiber Optic & Fiber Providers


67.5% of Washington has 3 or more Internet Provider choices

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Washington Average Internet Speeds by City

Location Download Upload
Seattle 73 / 21 Mbps
Spokane 68 / 16 Mbps
Bellevue 125 / 20 Mbps
Tacoma 87 / 17 Mbps
Vancouver 105 / 16 Mbps
Puyallup 118 / 15 Mbps
Kent 97 / 18 Mbps
Redmond 95 / 20 Mbps
Federal Way 96 / 18 Mbps
Everett 100 / 22 Mbps

Washington Average Download Speeds by City

73.75 Mbps
155.21 Mbps
77.74 Mbps
13.99 Mbps
66.74 Mbps
Mount Vernon
18.17 Mbps
118.19 Mbps
136.31 Mbps
36.82 Mbps
Federal Way
64.81 Mbps
79.2 Mbps

Internet Service Provider List

Provider Download Speed
AT&T Fiber 1000 Mbps View Plans
CenturyLink 1000 Mbps View Plans
Charter Spectrum 100 Mbps View Plans
COX 300 Mbps View Plans
EarthLink 75 Mbps View Plans
Frontier 100 Mbps View Plans
Mediacom 1000 Mbps View Plans
Suddenlink 150 Mbps View Plans
Verizon 940 Mbps View Plans
Viasat 100 Mbps View Plans
Windstream 50 Mbps View Plans
WOW! 1000 Mbps View Plans
Xfinity 250 Mbps View Plans
Ziply Fiber Mbps View Plans
HughesNet 25 Mbps View Plans

What types of internet are available in Washington

When it comes to internet service, we're all after the same exact thing: a speedy, reliable connection that’s as good to your pockets as it is to your devices.

There are five primary internet types to choose from in the U.S.; however, coverage for each of these internet connection types largely depends on where you live.

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Need help figuring out how to choose the best internet service provider in Washington or have further questions? Bandwidth Place can help every step of the way. We’re here to simplify your buyer’s journey and narrow down your search to the best internet packages in your state.

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