If you notice you’re experiencing slower downloads or lagging when streaming video, you may ask yourself: What is my Internet speed? Maybe you are paying extra for 20 Mbps service from your Internet provider, but you wonder whether you’re actually getting all the bandwidth you deserve. Thankfully, checking your Internet speed is a simple process.

An Easy Way to Test Your Internet Bandwidth

When looking for a website to test your network bandwidth, make sure that site uses the latest and greatest HTML5 technology. Sites that rely on Flash for testing can take some time to load if you are experiencing slow Internet speed. In comparison, a website using HTML5 loads much faster.

Cute-Ball-Help-iconAfter navigating to that website in your browser, you can either select the closest server to your current location or just use the default. Sometimes it is a good idea to run the test multiple times with different servers to see if there’s any noticeable difference.

After pressing the Start button to begin the Internet speed test, a quick file download will be performed while a “speedometer” displays the current speed. After the download is finished, an upload will be performed. When both tests complete, the final results are displayed on the screen.

Either write down these values or take a screen print, as it is smart to keep a history of your tests if you are trying to figure when a speed problem started or if you plan on getting credit from your Internet provider for slow performance. Save this information in a place that is easy to remember.

So whenever you find yourself wondering, “What is my Internet speed?” you now know how easy it is to find out. Be sure to test your Internet performance regularly. Internet service isn’t cheap, and providers need to know their customers are making sure they are getting the speed they’ve paid for.

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons