Top 5 Questions To Ask Your Internet Provider

Here are the Top 5 Questions to ask your Internet Provider before signing up.

So you’ve decided to sign up for one of those great money-saving Bundled Offers that cuts costs and consolidates your phone, Internet and television services? Now you can enjoy all the conveniences and amenities of a fully Connected Home for less money than you ever expected. Life is grand. But before diving in head first you might want to find out exactly what you’re getting and what you’re paying. Here are a few things to ask your Internet Provider to make sure you get what you want at the best possible rate.

What Is The Total Cost?

That attractive promotional bundle rate doesn’t tell the whole story. There will always be extra costs for things like installation, equipment, taxes and surcharges. Ask your Internet Provider to itemize a monthly bill for you, and make sure you’re not paying for extras you don’t really want. Also, try to negotiate the removal of extraneous fees. You may not get everything you want, but it never hurts to ask.

When Changing Phone Services Can I Keep My Old Number?

Most phone service providers are required to allow customers to transfer or “port” their existing number to a new service. This may not be possible if you are moving, especially to a different state, or if you are trying to port a non-local VoIP number. In general the porting of an old number will come at no cost. Some companies may try to charge for the transfer, but it’s usually pretty easy to get that fee waived.


Are There Any Service Limits?

Some Internet Providers might restrict web upload and download speeds if a customer exceeds monthly bandwidth limits. Similarly, “unlimited” VoIP Calling might be terminated if a customer makes an unusually large amount of calls. It’s best to find out in advance if there are any of these usage limits especially if you’re planning to do a lot of long-distance dialing or download a lot of large files.

What Happens If I Cancel or Change Services?

Some companies require contracts with little or no wiggle room to drop or cancel service without a penalty. Others, like many cable companies, don’t require long term commitments, but rates can go up if you alter your plan. Ask your Internet Provider about potential penalties before modifying any or all of your bundled services.

What About The Post Promotional Rate?

Promotional rates for bundled services usually last for a year or two and might allow special add-ons, like a premium TV channel, for little or no cost. When the promotional period comes to an end you will likely get charged for any of these extra services if you don’t cancel them. As the promotion nears its close, review your package and decide what you are really willing to pay for. It’s also worth trying to negotiate a lower post-promotional rate with your Internet Provider. These companies never want to lose customers. Ask the right questions and get the best from your bundle.