The Surface Pro 2 is an upgrade to Microsoft’s less impressive Surface Pro, which was released last year as Microsoft’s introductory tablet. The original Surface spouted Windows 8, which many consumers were not used to, and there was not much opportunity for adding extra applications. The kickstand, which was a bragging point for Microsoft, was not that durable and did not meet expectations.


Microsoft took the relatively low sales numbers not as a failure, but as a sign that their tablet just needed a few changes. So, they released the next generation of tablet. There is a version 2 model and a Pro 2 model.

Microsoft claims that the Surface Pro 2 is good enough to replace your laptop. Here are some of its main features:

Battery Life: The battery life is supposed to last 75% longer than the original Surface Pro.

Faster Processing: The tablet comes with an Intel Core i5 processor and Intel’s HD Graphics 4400 chip. This combination allows better processing, and even better game play, but it is not going to hold up to the higher-end video games. However, it does boot up quickly, has no real issues with browser games, and has an overall good rating for increased speed. In fact, The Verge says it is “insanely fast for a Windows PC.”

New Ports: The Pro 2 comes with a full USB 3.0, allowing HD video, mini display port, and a micro SD card reader.

Kickstand: Microsoft has made the kickstand more durable and improved on the design. Its new dual-angle feature allows a more comfortable experience, whether the user is using the Surface on a desk or in his lap.

Software: The Pro 2 has an improved Windows 8.1 installed and allows applications to run simultaneously.

Storage: The base model comes with a decent 64GB, but consumers can upgrade to 128GB, 256GB, or 512GB.

Freebies: Those who purchase the Surface Pro 2 will receive 200GB of SkyDrive storage for two years and free voice calling via Skype for one year absolutely free.

The Pro 2 is definitely an upgrade over the original model, but will it hold its own against the Apple iPad? The Pro 2 is a little more expensive coming out of the gate, but it has some pretty cool features that Apple does not yet have. It should definitely place Microsoft into the competition for tablets. As the two companies start to improve on their devices, the prices will most likely be driven down, and the consumers will split the market as they usually do with these two companies.

Photo credit: Flickr