If you want to put a special smile on Grandma’s face, a new Chromebook could prove just the ticket. Here’s why. Billed as the ideal computer for people who are unfamiliar with technology, the Chromebook is the perfect device to introduce that beloved computerphobe in your life to all the joys and wonders the digital age has to offer.


Chrome Alone

The Chromebook can be thought of as being much like a well-behaved, house-broken puppy: it does exactly what you want with a minimum of fuss. Accessibility and a simple operating system are key factors to consider for people who lack confidence when it comes to using computers. The new Chromebook combines easy-to-use features like photo managing and document printing with Google’s Chrome operating system and a host of apps available on the Chrome Web Store.

Chrome Is the Key

While a touchscreen tablet like an iPad or Android device may be rather unfamiliar for someone without much experience behind a computer screen, a new Chromebook combines lightweight portability with a traditional keyboard, which will reassure users that they’re still on familiar territory. It is a perfect blend of familiar features and cutting-edge technology. The Chromebook allows Grandma to upgrade her old desktop PC to a new portable system that still feels familiar enough to perform all of her computing needs with ease and simplicity.

Unbox and Go

The new Chromebook is affordable, durable, and ideal for the tech-newbie in your life. It’s the ultimate democratic computer because there are no complicated setup procedures, fussy software programs to install, drivers to wrangle, or additional accessories to purchase. Straight from the box, the new Chromebook is ready to go, boots up in seconds, and its hassle-free simplicity and useful functionality is guaranteed to win it a special place in Grandma’s heart. Just make sure your broadband is robust with an internet speed test before buying and you’re good to go!