Ever since the Internet entered the broadband era earlier this century, gamers are one group definitely reaping the benefits of extra bandwidth. High-end games like World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, and Destiny require an Internet account with speeds upwards of at least 10 Mbps for the best performance, but reward gamers with enthralling graphics and interactive gameplay.

Inter-game chat capabilities — now with video — only add to the strain on your cable modem and router.

There remains little doubt: gamers are the bandwidth experts. A recent research study published in Ars Technica revealed that gaming consoles, like the Xbox One or PlayStation 4, are the most popular devices for Internet video streaming at the home. Whether with the latest AAA game title or a recent Hollywood blockbuster, it is obvious that gamers and their consoles get the most out of their Internet connection.

A Regular Bandwidth Test is a Must for the Serious Video Gamer

As a serious gamer, your Internet performance is a vital aspect of your gaming enjoyment. Whether you are engaged in real-time gameplay with video chat, downloading huge Gigabit-sized titles, or streaming your games using a service like Steam, robust bandwidth is a must.

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Make sure you perform a regular bandwidth test to ensure you are getting the Internet speeds promised by your Internet service provider. Additionally, save your test results in case you need to contact your ISP for a refund if they haven’t been keeping up their end of the bandwidth bargain. The best Internet speed tests use HTML 5 instead of Flash or some other proprietary framework, which means you can run speed tests on your PS4, Xbox, iPad Air — the actual device does not matter!

Serious video gamers need a serious Internet connection. Don’t let the hard-earned money spent on your Internet service go to waste. Make sure you test your Internet speed at least once a week to ensure your gaming performance does not suffer from a lack of bandwidth.

There’s nothing worse than getting fragged by your friend in Call of Duty because of a poor Internet connection. Don’t let that happen to you! Test your bandwidth!