Our culture continues moving toward becoming a completely online society. Entertainment content, like movies, TV shows, music, and sports, is widely consumed from Internet-based sources. The growth of e-commerce has led banking and shopping to be increasingly done using online providers. Social networks and gaming are just two other pastimes that either require or thrive on Internet access.


A Fast Internet Connection Is a Requirement in Today’s World

It’s no surprise in this environment that your Internet speed matters. Trying to stream a movie from Netflix is an exercise in frustration using a slow Internet connection. Lagging video and dropouts are enough to make you get out your VCR and video tape collection.

Since many computer and video games are delivered using downloaded media, no gamer wants to wait an hour or longer to download a game file nearly 1GB in size. It’s almost like the days of spending two hours to load an Atari 800 game from cassette tape are back!

Running a home-based business also requires a high-speed Internet connection. With the variety of cloud-based services available to small and medium businesses (SMBs), not having enough bandwidth puts a start-up at a disadvantage compared with other businesses enjoying robust Internet services. Trying to do online banking and e-commerce from a dial-up service isn’t the way to make your business successful.

Make Sure You Have a Fast Internet Connection

It is important to regularly test your Internet connection to ensure you are getting all the bandwidth you pay for. Use an HTML5-based speed test service that works equally well from your desktop, laptop, or smartphone. Keep a record of your test results in case you need to contact your Internet service provider about any periods of slow service; having this data will help you get a refund if needed.

In this connected, online era, your Internet speed matters. Don’t let dial-up or sub-par broadband service keep you from enjoying the content and services available through a high-speed connection.

Photo credit: Flickr/Global Jet