Paul Williams
Paul Williams

September 13, 2019

When considering streaming services for cordcutters to replace cable or satellite TV, YouTube TV ranks near the top. At a monthly price near $50, it competes more with PlayStation Vue and Sling instead of Netflix or Amazon Prime. It’s a worthy option for those already using a variety of Google services, including an Android smartphone.

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The You Tube TV Logo, copyright Alphabet.

Let’s dive into the details of YouTube TV to see if subscribing makes sense for you. We’ll look at channel offerings, pricing options, bandwidth considerations, and more. It’s another edition of our regular series on streaming services.

YouTube TV Service Plans and Channel Options

Google’s streaming service offers a robust array of channels – over 70. This includes many popular sports, lifestyle, and news offerings. Depending on your location, expect nearly all your local channels as well. This works much better compared to Sling TV’s outdoor antenna requirement for locals.

All this content is available for one monthly price of $49.99. Some of the other cable replacement products suffer from too many service tiers.  So having one straightforward option is nice for YouTube TV subscribers.

A variety of premium add-ons are available, including Showtime, Starz, and NBA League Pass. HBO isn’t one, but users simply need to subscribe directly to HBO Now.

The service is available for the Android and iOS platforms, and most popular streaming devices, including the Roku, Apple TV, and Chromecast. Of course, watching on a Smart TV or in a browser is also possible. In fact, the YouTube TV interface is similar to their web version.

You are able to share your service with up to six accounts in your family. YouTube TV also supports up to three simultaneous streams. This compares well with other services.

Note that YouTube TV is different from YouTube Premium. The latter removes commercials from regular YouTube videos, while also providing access to YouTube Music.

A Robust Cloud DVR and More

YouTube TV’s Cloud-based DVR with unlimited storage is a big plus for the service. Simply record what you want and it’s in your library for nine months. This feature stands alone among other streaming services. However, you aren’t allowed to download content for offline viewing.

Sports fans will appreciate the DVR’s feature to easily record your favorite teams. When viewing a game, this option is available when highlighting one of the team names. Simply put, YouTube TV’s DVR is the best in the business.

How Much Internet Speed Do I Need for YouTube TV?

Like with other streaming services, an Internet speed of at least 5 Mbps is a must for an HD-quality picture. If multiple devices are accessing your router, more speed is necessary. Thankfully, you enjoy a few ways to optimize your home Internet service.

Additionally, consider using a range extender or dual band router for better network coverage. Placing your router closer to your main home entertainment system also helps. Finally, speak with your local ISP to upgrade to a faster Internet service. Just enter your ZIP code and we’ll find the top Internet providers in your town.

Paul Williams
Paul Williams

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