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Available in
Milo, ME
  • Terms: 12 months
  • Modem with WiFi included
  • Data cap: No data cap
  • Channels: 125+
  • On-Demand: Access to 10,000 showes & movies - 5,000 free
  • Access Anywhere: Free TV apps. Watch TV on any device.
  • Terms: No contract required
  • Security: Suite included
  • Speed: Starting at 60 Mbps
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(800) 352-5475
Available in
Milo, ME
  • $99 Internet Installation Fee
  • WiFi Router: Free
  • Channels: 145+
  • Premium Channels: HBO Showtime Starz Cinemax 3 months free
  • Pricing: 2-year TV Guarantee - 1-year Internet
  • Contract: 2 years TV - 1-year Internet
  • Early Termination Fee: $480 for TV; o $180 for Internet
  • Data Cap: Unlimited - combined bill required.
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(800) 650-3116

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Milo, Maine stats

Internet Providers in Milo deliver an average of 4.88 download speed
There are 1 Internet providers in Milo

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