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AT&T Internet Plans & Pricing

Download speeds up to 5000 Mbps

No annual contract. No data caps. No equipment fees.

99% reliability (based on network availability)

Speeds up to 5000 Mbps starting at:

$55/mo. plus taxes

Price after $5/mo. AutoPay & paperless billing discount (within 2 bills). Plus taxes & fees.  Speeds based on wired connection. Actual speeds may vary. For more info, go to www.att.com/speed101.

or call to order

AT&T Fiber Internet Plans

Fiber Internet 5000


Speeds up to:

5000 Mbps


Fiber Internet 2000


Speeds up to:

2000 Mbps


Fiber Internet 1000


Speeds up to:

1000 Mbps


Fiber Internet 500


Speeds up to:

500 Mbps


Fiber Internet 300


Speeds up to:

300 Mbps


AT&T Internet Plans

Internet 100


Speeds up to:

100 Mbps


Internet 50


Speeds up to:

50 Mbps


Internet 25


Speeds up to:

25 Mbps


AT&T Fixed Wireless Plans

Internet Air


Speeds up to:

140 Mbps

Fixed Wireless (5G)

Fixed Wireless (LTE)


Speeds up to:

10 Mbps

Fixed Wireless (LTE)

Compare Plans and Pricing

Plan NameMonthly PriceDownload SpeedConnection Type
Fiber Internet 5000$180/mo5000 MbpsFiber
Fiber Internet 2000$110/mo2000 MbpsFiber
Fiber Internet 1000$80/mo1000 MbpsFiber
Fiber Internet 500$65/mo500 MbpsFiber
Fiber Internet 300$55/mo300 MbpsFiber
Internet 100$55/mo100 MbpsIPBB
Internet 50$55/mo50 MbpsIPBB
Internet 25$55/mo25 MbpsIPBB
Internet Air$55/mo140 MbpsFixed Wireless (5G)
Fixed Wireless (LTE)$59.99/mo10 MbpsFixed Wireless (LTE)

AT&T Fiber Features

Equipment included

All AT&T Fiber plans include a free AT&T Wi-Fi gateway that is compatible with the latest Wi-Fi technology (Wi-Fi 6). By combining the functions of both a router and a modem, the AT&T Wi-Fi gateway is designed to seamlessly support a home full of smart devices and your most demanding Wi-Fi connections.

Straightforward Pricing

No price increase at 12 months. No annual contract. No data caps. No equipment fees.

24/7 Internet Security

All AT&T Fiber plans include AT&T ActiveArmor℠. By using a combination of patented technology and additional security solutions, AT&T ActiveArmor℠ proactively detects and prevents security threats to help keep your data safe.

AT&T Internet Connection Types


AT&T Fiber provides an ultra-fast internet connection using 100% fiber-optic cables. Whether directly to individual homes or to units within multi-dwelling complexes, Fiber offers a cutting-edge connection that stands out for its speed and efficiency.

Internet Protocol Broadband (IPBB)

IPBB is AT&T’s hybrid service that combines both fiber optic and DSL technologies. With AT&T no longer offering traditional DSL, IPBB has emerged as its new and improved successor. By leveraging fiber connections to neighborhood nodes and copper DSL lines to homes, AT&T’s IPBB plans can offer speeds up to 100 Mbps. While IPBB is a faster alternative to legacy DSL, it doesn’t quite match the performance of pure fiber.

Fixed Wireless

AT&T provides two fixed wireless internet options. The standard AT&T Fixed Wireless Internet relies on 4G LTE that connects via an outdoor antenna at the customer’s location. Alternatively, AT&T Internet Air, a newer option, combines 4G LTE and 5G technologies that connect to wireless antennas in AT&T’s All-Fi™ Hub. As of now, Internet Air is exclusively available as an upgrade to legacy DSL customers in regions where older DSL copper lines are being phased out.


While AT&T no longer offers traditional DSL to new customers, many existing customers still utilize this connection type on legacy DSL copper lines. AT&T is actively encouraging DSL customers to upgrade to newer fixed wireless services, such as AT&T Internet Air, which outperform the older copper-based services.

AT&T Internet Fees & Billing

AT&T Internet offers a variety of plans and services, each with its own associated fees and billing considerations. From equipment and installation costs to data caps and overage charges, understanding the fees associated with your chosen plan is crucial for making an informed decision. Below, you’ll find a detailed breakdown of the various fees, billing practices, and options that may apply to your AT&T Internet service.

Equipment Fees

AT&T ensures that customers have the necessary equipment for their internet connection by providing a free AT&T Wi-Fi Gateway with all internet plans. For those who need extended Wi-Fi coverage in their home, the option to add a Wi-Fi Extender (or more if you qualify) is available for an additional $10 per month.

Installation Fees

AT&T offers two different installation options for internet services, each with its own cost implications. The availability of these options may vary based on the plan, location, and whether you’re opting for AT&T Fiber:

  • Self-setup: Most plans, excluding AT&T Fiber, allow for a self-setup option at no additional charge. If your address qualifies, AT&T will send you a self-setup kit within 2-5 days of ordering service. No technician appointment or extra fee is required.
  • Professional Technician Installation: AT&T charges a one-time fee of $99 for installation by a professional technician. However, it’s common to find promotions that waive this fee, especially for higher-speed plans. Keep an eye out for those special offers, as they can provide additional savings. Professional installation is required for AT&T Fiber customers.

Billing Fees

Various fees related to payment handling and service:

  • Taxes: Vary by location
  • Late Payment Fee: Up to $9.99
  • Nonsufficient Funds Fee: Up to $30
  • Restoral Fee: Up to $35
  • Bill Reprint Fee: Up to $5

Data Caps & Overage Fees

Understanding your data usage limits and potential overage fees is essential for selecting the right plan and avoiding unexpected costs. AT&T offers a variety of options to suit different browsing habits and requirements:

Data Caps by Plan Type:

  • AT&T Fiber: Unlimited data
  • AT&T Internet 100: Unlimited data
  • AT&T Internet (768KB through 75MB): 1.5TB per month
  • AT&T Internet Air: Unlimited data
  • AT&T Fixed Wireless Internet (LTE): 350GB per month
  • DSL: 150GB per month

Add-Ons & Overages:

  • Unlimited Data Add-On: For an additional $30/month, you can enjoy unlimited data regardless of your plan.
  • Overages: If you exceed the data limit for your plan, you’ll be charged $10 for every additional 50GB used, up to a maximum of $100 for AT&T Internet or $200 for DSL and Fixed Wireless Internet. This ensures that you can continue to use the internet, but at a cost.

Non-Return Equipment Fees

In the case that you cancel internet service, AT&T requires that you return the equipment provided by them. If you return damaged equipment or fail to return the equipment within 21 days of service termination, the following fees apply depending on your type of internet service and add-ons:

  • AT&T Fiber, AT&T Internet, AT&T Fixed Wireless Internet (LTE): $150
  • AT&T Internet Air: $200
  • Wi-Fi Extender: $65 per device

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AT&T Internet Discounts & Low-Income Assistance

AT&T offers various discounts and support programs to ensure internet connectivity is accessible to all:

  • Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP): The ACP is a federal program that helps eligible households reduce their internet or wireless costs. Savings can be up to $30 per month or $75 per month for those living on Tribal lands. AT&T supports this program by offering a 100 Mbps plan for the same amount, making the internet service effectively free for those qualified.
  • Access from AT&T: Access from AT&T is a stand-alone plan designed for low-income households. For $30 per month or less, Access provides internet service, free installation, in-home Wi-Fi, and doesn’t require a contract or deposit. If you’re eligible for the ACP, you are automatically approved for Access and can combine the benefits to receive speeds up to 100 Mbps at no cost. If you don’t qualify for the ACP, or you’re already using your benefit for another service, you can still apply for Access without using the ACP benefit.
  • Additional Discounts: For those who would like to bundle AT&T Internet with AT&T Wireless, AT&T offers additional discounts for military members, veterans, teachers, nurses, physicians, and PA-Cs.

AT&T Customer Service

For any customer service or support-related inquiries, AT&T offers several convenient ways to get in touch:

Phone: Call 800.288.2020 for 24/7 customer support.

Support Page: Visit the AT&T Support page to chat with a representative.


What types of internet service does AT&T offer?

AT&T offers fiber internet, internet protocol broadband (IPBB), and fixed wireless services. However, the internet service available to you will depend on where you live. Not all plans available in all areas.

How much does AT&T internet cost?

The prices of AT&T internet-only plans range from $55 – $180 per month. Equipment fees are included and there is no annual contract.

How do I contact AT&T customer service?

For any customer service or support-related inquiries, AT&T offers several convenient ways to get in touch: Phone: Call 800.288.2020 for 24/7 customer support. Support Page: Visit the AT&T Support page to chat with a representative.

How fast is AT&T internet?

AT&T offers download speeds up to 5000 Mbps. However, not all speeds are available in all areas.