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Viasat Internet Plans & Pricing

Download speeds up to 150 Mbps

Up to 500 GB of high-speed data usage

Unlimited standard data usage

Speeds up to 150 Mbps starting at:

$49.99/mo. plus taxes

*Pricing per month plus taxes for length of contract. Additional fees and terms may apply. Pricing varies by location and availability. All prices subject to change at any time. May or may not be available based on service address. Speeds may vary. As of 08/20/23.

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Viasat Internet Plans

CHOICE 150 Mbps/500 GB


Speeds up to:

150 Mbps


CHOICE 100 Mbps/300 GB


Speeds up to:

100 Mbps


CHOICE 75 Mbps/150 GB


Speeds up to:

75 Mbps


CHOICE 50 Mbps/100 GB


Speeds up to:

50 Mbps


CHOICE 25 Mbps/60 GB


Speeds up to:

25 Mbps


Compare Viasat Internet Plans

Plan NameDownload SpeedIntro PricePrice After 3 Months
CHOICE 150 Mbps/500 GB150 MbpsSatellite$299.99/mo
CHOICE 100 Mbps/300 GB100 MbpsSatellite$199.99/mo
CHOICE 75 Mbps/150 GB75 MbpsSatellite$149.99/mo
CHOICE 50 Mbps/100 GB50 MbpsSatellite$99.99/mo
CHOICE 25 Mbps/60 GB25 MbpsSatellite$69.99/mo

Viasat Internet Features

Unlimited Standard Data

Once you’ve consumed your plan’s High-Speed Data, you can still enjoy limitless Standard Data. Most plans offer the option to purchase additional High-Speed Data whenever you wish.

Professional Installation

For the best possible connection, Viasat provides complimentary professional installation to eligible customers.

Built-in WiFi

Every plan comes with integrated Wi-Fi, ensuring you and all your devices remain connected throughout your residence.

Viasat Bundles & Add-ons

Viasat Voice

Viasat Voice is a seamless home phone solution offering clear call quality and essential features. Enjoy unlimited U.S. and Canada calling without eating into your data allowance. With its Find Me, Follow Me feature, never miss a call by forwarding home calls to your cell. Stay prepared with an optional battery backup for uninterrupted service.

Viasat Shield

Guard your home internet with Viasat Shield, a robust defense against online threats. The base package offers a user-friendly app, the ability to monitor connected devices, and vital threat protection. Upgrading to Shield Premium extends your security with features like pausing and resuming device internet access, advanced anti-virus protection by Bitdefender, and enhanced browsing safety.


EasyCare is Viasat’s enhanced support subscription, available for just $9.99/month. With it, you can bypass the usual service call charges, benefit from an annual dish relocation at a discounted rate, and gain access to priority assistance through the dedicated EasyCare support line.


Upgrade your entertainment by pairing Viasat Internet with DISH TV. Secure your prices with a unique 3-year TV price guarantee. Experience unmatched content with access to over 80,000 movies and shows On Demand. DISH provides free installation, a waiver for the first receiver’s fee, and introduces the Hopper 3, an advanced DVR that can store up to 2,000 hours of HD content.

Viasat Logo

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Viasat Internet Fees & Contract Terms

Equipment & Installation

Viasat internet equipment includes a Viasat satellite dish, transceiver, bracket assembly, modem, and related cabling. The dish, approximately 30 inches wide by 28 inches tall, can be placed on your roof, an exterior house wall, or on a ground pole. A certified technician handles the installation to ensure accuracy and optimal performance. Customers aren’t permitted to install their own satellite dishes. The typical installation takes between 2-3 hours.

Equipment Leasing Fee$15/month
Standard Installation Fee$0

Note: If your installation demands non-standard options, you might incur extra fees.

Data Caps & Overages

Viasat Internet plans come with a set amount of High-Speed Data each month, which varies by plan. When this limit is reached, you have the option to buy more data for the remainder of the month. Viasat offers several options:

Data AmountPrice
1 GB$10
5 GB$48
7 GB $67
10 GB$95

If you choose not to to buy more High-Speed Data, your plan will automatically transition to the Unlimited Standard Data. However, while Standard Data doesn’t have a cap, its speeds are significantly lower (1-3 Mbps depending on network congestion).

Contract Terms

Viasat generally operates on a 24-month contract basis. However, for those desiring more flexibility, Viasat provides a month-to-month term, which incurs a specific “No Long-Term Contract Option” fee. 

24-month Contract: While the standard two-year agreement is more economical on a monthly basis, ending the service prematurely leads to an Early Termination Fee (ETF) of $15 for every remaining month. For instance, a termination with six months left on your agreement results in a $90 charge. 

Month-to-month: e re an upfront payment of $300, offering the advantage of no extended commitment

Viasat Discounts & Low-Income Assistance

Viasat participates in the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) , a federal program that helps eligible households reduce their internet expenses. Depending on your eligibility, you could save up to $30/month on your Viasat internet bill, or even up to $75/month if you live on qualifying Tribal lands.

Viasat Customer Service

For any customer service or support-related inquiries, Viasat offers several convenient ways to get in touch:

Phone:  855-463-9333 
Live Chat: To chat with an agent, go to My Viasat.
Support Page: Visit Viasat’s dedicated support page to browse support articles by topic”

Viasat FAQs

Is Viasat fast enough for streaming?

Yes, Viasat is capable of supporting streaming activities. The speed and quality of your streaming experience will depend on the specific plan you choose, as well as other factors such as network congestion and the resolution at which you are streaming. Viasat offers a range of plans with varying speeds to accommodate different user needs. It’s advisable to choose a plan that provides higher speeds if streaming is a priority for you. Additionally, it’s always a good practice to check the recommended internet speeds for the streaming services you plan to use.

How long does it take to get Viasat?

The process to get Viasat installed and operational typically consists of a few steps: consultation, scheduling an installation appointment, and the actual installation. After you’ve selected a plan and scheduled an appointment, a professional technician will come to your location to install the necessary equipment. The installation process itself usually takes a few hours, but the total time from consultation to having a fully operational service can vary. It’s advisable to contact Viasat or an authorized Viasat dealer to get a more accurate timeline based on your specific location and circumstances.

How does Viasat Internet work?

Viasat Internet operates through a satellite connection, which differs from conventional cable or fiber ISPs. Here’s a simplified breakdown of the process: Signal Receipt: Initially, Viasat receives the internet signal via fiber from a collection of data servers. Signal Transmission to Satellite: This signal is then transmitted to a large ground antenna known as an “earth station.” The earth station sends the signal via radio waves to a satellite orbiting at an altitude of about 22,300 miles. Signal Distribution to Subscribers: The satellite sends the signal back down to earth. This signal is captured by a dish antenna at your home or office, which is aligned with the satellite. The signal then travels through a cable into a modem in your premises, similar to how other ISPs deliver internet. The setup includes a component called the TRIA (Transmit-Receive Integrated Assembly) at your location, which is a kind of radio capable of both sending and receiving signals. It’s connected to your modem via a cable and plays a crucial role in communicating with the satellite. Viasat’s system is designed with efficiency in mind, utilizing spot beams and different polarizations to maximize the use of the radio spectrum. This technology allows Viasat to provide internet service to areas that might be challenging to serve with traditional cable or fiber ISPs, particularly remote and rural areas.