Relocation remains one of the biggest hassles for anybody. The large number of tasks involved when moving is enough to drive even a grizzled IT project manager insane. Thankfully, transferring your utilities — especially your Internet service — ranks on the lower end of the stress meter.

Let’s take a look at five easy steps that will make it easy to transfer your Internet service when relocating.

Moving Internet service made easy

Moving Internet Service

1. Find Out if Your Current Provider is Available at Your New Residence

The first step when transferring your Internet service involves finding out if your current ISP offers service at your new location. If you are only moving within your metro area, chances are good you can keep your ISP, but you still need to verify its availability since some providers only serve portions of larger cities. Use an online service aggregator to see what ISPs are available at your new abode.

2. Take Advantage of any Service Bundles

Once you’ve decided on a new provider (or even if you are keeping your current ISP) see if there are any bundles available with Digital TV and Home Phone service to save you some money. You may have to sign a contract agreement with an early termination fee, so be sure to read the fine print.

3. Schedule the Service Call for the New Location

Once you are ready to go with your new contract, schedule a convenient time for an installer to turn on your Internet service. Make sure you will be present when they arrive and block out some extra time in case of unexpected delays.

4. Pack up Your Equipment for the Move

Carefully pack up your modem and wireless router (if you have one) for the move. If you are going with a new ISP, you’ll need to return the equipment to their local service center or even ship it to them. Either way, make sure the equipment is well protected.

5. Check Your Internet Speed After Installation

Once the installer gets you online and before he leaves, perform your own Internet speed test to verify you are getting the service level in your agreement. If there are any discrepancies make sure the installer checks the quality of your modem and router as well as any outside equipment. Chances are good you’ll be streaming videos in no time.

Follow these easy steps so you can simplify the process and reserve your real moving stress for packing, cleaning, and unpacking. Transferring your Internet service will be a breeze.