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Founded in 2002, Bandwidth Place began as a simple, no-frills internet speed test tool that provided web users with an accurate measure of their connection performance. Since our inception, our commitment to providing keen insight and full transparency into the constantly-evolving internet industry has remained unchanged.

The internet is one of the fastest evolving landscapes in our modern world, and at Bandwidth Place, we make it our mission to keep you informed.

Over the course of nearly two decades, Bandwidth Place has flourished —emerging as one of the most robust online consumer tools. Beyond our intuitive internet speed test feature, we’ve established a growing marketplace that allows users to shop and compare internet service providers and plans. Bandwidth Place is your straightforward one-stop shop solution for all things broadband.

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Simplify and Streamline

At Bandwidth Place, our goal is to simplify and streamline the process of measuring your internet connection’s performance and finding the best internet providers in your area. We aim to help you make informed decisions easily and efficiently without any of the traditional back and forths. With valuable knowledge gained, you can confidently pinpoint the best internet provider or plan for your location, property, and lifestyle.

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Using our zip code search tool, you can conveniently browse all internet service providers available in your area —just a few simple clicks and your results are ready. Partnered with top ISPs across the U.S., we work hard to source all of the information you might need to know amid your search and decision-making process. Our growing database is designed to help you compare everything from coverage and pricing to special offers and more.

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Instead of attempting to sell you on a service, our focus is to equip you with the facts and figures you need to make the wisest decision for your home or office. Once you’ve compared, contrasted, and calculated your options, call on us to complete your order and schedule your installation.

Meet the Bandwidth Place Team

Bandwidth Place’s reputation as an authoritative source for all things broadband is upheld by our team of writers, analysts, designers, and developers. Regardless of role, each member of the team is masterfully adept in the internet industry. With our sights set on providing users with accurate information and useful industry insights, the Bandwidth Place team works hard to ensure our data is comprehensive and up-to-date.

Our Authors

Bandwidth Place’s team of content creators is composed of experienced industry-expert writers. Whether you’re looking for guidance on how to run provider-specific speed tests or in need of instruction to make your WiFi signal stronger, our masterful team of authors has got you covered.


Paul Williams

Paul Williams brings a wide range of experiences to his writing. He worked extensively in technology, as a software engineer, technical writer, and now a technology writer. Known as the leader of one of the top American Spacerock bands, his forward-looking music continues to be heard all over the world. Paul’s technology experience runs the gamut of being the lead developer on one of the first data warehouse implementations in the insurance industry, embedded software engineering on medical devices, in addition to a wide range of web, mobile and desktop application development, with a focus on data modeling and design.

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