Running an Internet speed test on LTE is a great way to make sure you are getting all the bandwidth benefits from your 4G wireless service. It helps verify that your download speeds are actually faster than that of a 3G service, and in some cases your 4G LTE connection may be speedier than a cable and DSL network. If you currently have both a wired and wireless account, this information may help you get a better deal from your cable or DSL provider!


Thankfully, testing your 4G LTE connection is an easy process and only takes a few minutes.

Disable Your WiFi Connection, If Present

Make sure your smartphone is actually using your 4G connection instead of the WiFi network at your current location. Go into the smartphone’s settings (on Android models and the iPhone) to verify that you are using mobile data.

Navigate to an HTML5 Speed Test Site in Your Web Browser

In your mobile Web browser, load the HTML5 speed test site. Remember that HTML5 speed tests are faster than Flash-powered versions. Flash sites won’t even run on an iPhone.

Start the Speed Test

You can select a server to run the speed test or simply use the default. If you choose a server, pick the one closest to your current location and click “Start” to begin the test. A quick file download and upload are executed to check the speed.

Record Your Speed Test Results

Be sure to save your speed test results by taking a screenshot or recording the results in a note on your smartphone. This information becomes useful if your Internet speed isn’t what it should be. Use the results to request a refund from your wireless provider if needed.

An Internet speed test on LTE is a simple process — one you should perform regularly to make sure you are getting the bandwidth you deserve. As mentioned earlier, you should also compare your 4G test results with those from your cable or DSL service. Maybe you can get a discount from your Internet provider if their service isn’t up to par?

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