AT&T Speed Test – Interesting Facts you should know

We all have issues with our internet speed from time to time. Usually a really slow speed to surf the internet, watch videos or listen to music using our favorites apps.

That’s why we have this useful tool to help you measure your download and upload speed.

Welcome to the AT&T speed test meter, where you can make a comparison between the upload and download speed of your AT&T service.

This way you can confirm what speed you have available at the moment and it takes less than a minute.


This test will help you measure the speed between your devices and the internet. It will determine if you should take steps to improve performance.

What to consider before doing the test

Use a wired connection to get the most accurate results, since the results on Wi-Fi networks are usually not as expected.

Limit the number of applications and devices that use your internet connection before starting the test.

Unsatisfactory test results do not necessarily indicate a problem with the service. Since factors that are outside the control of AT&T can affect your speed. This test will measure two key factors:

  1. Download Speed ​​(which is the speed of data sent from the Internet to your computer or device).
  2. Upload speed (which is the data that is sent from your computer or device to the internet).

This AT&T Speed Test also gives you details about the latency that your connection has.

Latency is the time that your internet connection takes going from point A to B and it’s measured in milliseconds.

If you’re not satisfied with the results from this ATT Speed T​est then it could be time to get a different provider.  You can contact us at any time and will help you choose an internet package that works best for you.

Tips for the AT&T Speed Test

We mentioned before that sometimes the problem with your internet connection is outside the control of the provider. In order to pinpoint the exact source of the issue please follow these tips to ensure the best results from the test.

It’s primordial to connect your laptop or computer directly to your home router or modem through an Ethernet cable, not through WiFi.

Testing the speed through Wi-Fi can be a bit unstable. This is because the signal can be affected by a lot of factors, from wireless phones to microwave ovens.

This way, you can see if the problem is related to your internet service or your wireless connection.

In the case that you don’t have an ethernet cable but still need to do the test, it’s good advice to follow these steps in order to get the best results from the Wi-Fi home network:

  1. Disconnect all the devices in your home network and only leave the one in which you’re going to perform the test.
  2. Remove all obstacles between your device and your router or modem.
  3. Try to be as close as possible to the router or wireless modem.

Still slow speed, what’s next?

In case you finish doing the internet speed test and notice that the results are not good enough then contact your provider and upgrade your plan to a faster one.

Before making the call to upgrade your internet service speeds, you need to take into consideration the following details:

  •       The number of devices that you have connected to the internet service.
  •       How many people will use the service at the same time.
  •       The frequency in which you will make VOIP calls (FaceTime, Skype, etc.).
  •       If you do music streaming.
  •       The streaming of games on consoles or on your computer (if applicable).
  •       Streaming series or movies in HD quality.
  •       The upload and download of large files.

 All these factors affect in a huge manner the speed of your att internet speed.

If the speed of your home internet plan was updated recently, you may need to restart your modem to reach the new speeds.


I can’t upgrade my internet speed

In the case that you can’t upgrade your internet speed then please follow these steps in order to improve the performance and experience of your Wi-Fi home network:

  1. Reduce the number of devices that connect at the same time in your home.
  2. Change your wireless home phone frequency to one that the modem or router isn’t using.
  3. Change the location of your modem or router to one that it’s not far away from where you use it the most. You can also purchase WiFi repeaters that can make the signal stronger throughout the house. 

We hope that your Internet speed test has been successful.

We will have a more in-depth article explaining everything that you need to know about the speed of an internet connection.

Remember that we’re here to help you get the internet speed you deserve.

Call us now and we can search for a better internet provider in your area.