Paul Williams
Paul Williams

October 26, 2019

The best internet for gaming requires something more than speed on your internet connection.

We have all been there. You’re enjoying a great multiplayer session of your favorite videogame and suddenly you can sense the “the lag”. Your action doesn’t match what you see on screen.

Then you start loosing over and over again. Finally you get a message on the screen “Connection Lost” and just like that…. the match is over for you.

It’s a terrible experience for players all around the world. 

Let’s dive into some gaming history and what can you do the get the best internet possible for gaming.

Brief History

In 1958 the first video game was invented by the American Physicist William Higinbotham, fast forward to 1972, when Atari, the first home video system was created.

Almost 10 years later, in 1981 IBM launches their first PC, running on Microsoft DOS.

In 1983 the Internet is officially “created” when the World Wide Web is released to the public domain. In that same year Nintendo created their first game console, Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and videogames were so popular that every kid on the block wanted a gaming system more than anything else in the world.

By 1984, BITNET develops MAD, the first game to be accessed by a world-wide computer network. Later in 1986 SGI Dogfight was released, becoming the first game to use the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), even if the game was limited to a single network.

The same year, workstation computers received graphics capabilities.

This is occurring while we have the release of Windows Systems which opens the door for the 2D space battle game XTrek. Then in 1987, with the release of Midi Maze, Atari joins the multiplayer party. Atari ST allows you to connect 16 consoles.

It’s the first time we see the concept of a “death match” in gaming.

We can see now how those events were marking the path of videogames and gaming. This series of events pretty much sealed our destinies as gamers.

The videogame race has not stopped ever since. Games are becoming more realistic and complex, and if there something that tomb raiding-spell casting-sword swinging-dragon slaying- head shooting- zombie killing- monster hunter- weirdos like us enjoy is playing and competing with others of our kind.

Multiplayer is the way to go.


Do you have the best internet speed for gaming?

As time goes by, videogames are becoming more demanding.

Nowadays games have better graphics, better sound effects and better music.

You can have the best computer in the universe, but without the right internet speed to match it, it’s like having a Lamborghini on rough dirt road.

Some games are more demanding than others. This is the main reason why it has become so important for gamers to know what the best internet speed for gaming is.

internet for gaming


What are you using the internet for?

To determine how much speed you need, is important to know what you are using the internet for.

Do you have several computers connected? Are you using only one gaming system? How many cell phones and tablets are sharing the connection? How many smart devices do you own?

All these factors will affect your connection, knowing this will help you figure out what is the best internet for gaming.


What kind of games are you playing?

The speed requirement for single player games and multiplayer games is different.

For most single player games, you can make do with a speed of at least 3 Mpbs on the download and 1 Mbps on the upload.

As long as you only have that one device connected to the internet.

If you have several devices connected to the internet, just multiply the number of devices by three and that should give you a ballpark number of how much speed you need.

best internet for gaming

Is speed the only thing that matters?

Nope. Your connection can be super-fast, but if the response time is too slow, then it’s no use.

The best internet provider for gaming is the one that give you the speed you need and the fastest response time.

When you perform a speed test, the lower the “ping” number is, the faster the communication between your computer and the server is. This is exactly what you are looking for.

The Ping Rate, also known as “latency”, must be as low as possible, to make the game enjoyable and avoid gamer “lag rage” it should be under 150 ms.


Console or PC?

No, I am not going to discuss the forbidden subject. I will not discuss which one is better: to each its own *cough*PC Master Race*cough*.

The speed requirements of the best internet for gaming however, those we can talk about.

For consoles like XBOX One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch let’s say that 4 Mbps download and 2 Mbps upload will suffice.

Nintendo Wii is a little less demanding, and you can make do with 1.5 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload.

For PC, however, since there are so many options of parts and games, it makes difficult to recommend a speed.

Just to be on the safe side, it should be a speed of 3 to 6 Mbps download and at least 2.5 Mbps upload.

internet for pc gaming

Keeping it real.

Let’s face it, these recommendations are for one person gaming online at a time. If your household is anything like mine that scenario would likely never happen.

On a regular basis we have three PCs, two smart TVs, four cell phones, three tablets, and two laptops and that is not including whenever we have people over and get the very common question “Can you give me wi-fi?”

Knowing this, even if 50 Mbps should be enough to run our devices. We went for 100 Mbps, because you never know who might come to visit and we wanted to make sure we have the best internet speed for gaming and streaming.

If you need assistance to help you get the best internet for gaming, give us a call completely free. Our experts can help you decide for a better internet service in your area.

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Paul Williams
Paul Williams

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