Word templates are a great resource: they allow you to create professional-looking documents in a minimal amount of time. Legal documents, flyers, and newsletters are just some of the various types of templates that you can find on the Internet.


Even if you cannot find exactly what you are looking for, you can easily modify a template to suit your needs. Several sites provide templates. Which will be best for you? Here is a quick list to make your search easy and convenient:

  • Microsoft: It is no surprise that the creator of Microsoft Word would have a variety of Word templates for users to download. The abundant collection includes certificates, book covers, wedding invitations, and so much more. Microsoft carries templates for Office 2003 through the new Office 365.
  • Free Templates Depot: This site allows users to submit their own templates, and, in turn, allows others to download those templates for free. It offers a lot of flexibility for users looking for just the right template. One nice thing about this site is that it explains what the templates are specifically for. For example, if you are looking for a freelance web development work invoice, they have it. When you click on the link to see if the invoice is the kind you need, it offers information about invoices. The site informs the reader of the contents of invoices and explains in detail what each section of the invoice is used for.
  • WordDocuments: This site does not really offer any more than the other two sites, but it’s a good resource to have in your repertoire of templates sites. The site is well organized and is user friendly for finding templates in different categories. Tickets, menus, and faxes each have their own categories right on the front page, which makes finding the right Word template a breeze to find.

Many other sites can also supply you with the right Word templates. Most of the sites are designed to connect you with the template you are looking for quickly and easily. Sometimes, though, you may not know exactly what you are looking for. Don’t wait until the last minute. Find a series of sites that you think will fit your needs. That way, when you are in a crunch and need to find a specific template, you’ll know right where to go.

Paul Williams
Paul Williams

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