In the World of High-Speed Broadband, Cable Internet is King.

Cable Internet is the clear leader when it comes to affordable high-speed broadband for your home. DSL is becoming more available, but Cable Internet is faster, has nearly twice the customers and holds the edge in terms of overall service. For everyday Internet use Cable delivers the best connection.


The Upside of Cable Internet

  • It starts with proven technology. Cable providers like Comcast and Time Warner Cable send the Internet signal through the same coaxial cables that have provided television to millions of households for decades.
  • Cable Internet can handle high bandwidth limits and offer upload speeds up to 5 Mbps and download speeds up to 50 Mbps. Speeds vary with plans and some providers promise even higher.
  • High-speed cable is ideal for streaming videos, movies and real-time gaming.
  • With Cable Internet service, your TV seamlessly becomes your computer screen. Your computer becomes your television. Cable Internet lets you enjoy the comforts and conveniences of The Connected Home.
  • Customer service is generally good, especially after the installation process.
  • Cable Internet is available to most home locations. Reference Get More Speed to check availability in your area.

The Downside of Cable Internet

  • Shared bandwidth with other local users may slow connection speeds during peak hours. This is not as common as it used to be, but you may see a difference if your neighbor is pirating MP3s around the clock. With normal cable Internet use in your area, service should remain consistent. Perform a broadband speed test at varying times to see if it fluctuates during high-peak usage hours.
  • “Up to” speeds are only potential maximums and rarely achieved. That being said, even average cable connection speeds can handle most Internet home demands and are some of the fastest available.
  • Some providers limit the amount of data customers can download every month and charge extra for exceeding.
  • The most common complaint about Internet cable relates to installation. Waiting eight hours for the cable guy has become standard fodder for stand-up comedians. But the process continues to improve and self installation options do exist.

The Bottom Line

Cable Internet can deliver the fastest, most reliable broadband connection for your home. And it’s affordable. Know What To Ask before signing up with any provider, and get the most for your money with Cable.