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Finding an internet plan that works for you should be simple. At Bandwidth Place, we make it easy to shop the best San Diego internet providers. Complete with residential and business options, you can easily compare internet plans, pricing, and speeds available in San Diego.

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San Diego Frequently Asked Questions

How can I compare internet providers in San Diego ?

Before committing to any San Diego internet provider, it’s important to first determine that the plan you’re interested in matches your connectivity demands. Comparing providers is a crucial step in your decision-making process and there are several important factors to consider before making your final decision including:

  • Cost
  • Bandwidth
  • Speed
  • Bundling Options
  • Contract Terms

What internet speed do I need?

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) defines fast internet as a web connection offering download speeds of at least 25 Mbps and upload speeds of at least 3 Mbps. These standard speeds smoothly support most common online activities such as web browsing, high-definition video streaming, and file downloading.

How much bandwidth do I need?

Bandwidth is the maximum amount of data that can be transmitted via internet connection within a fixed amount of time. In simpler terms, bandwidth measures the total volume of information that can be transferred.

Learn how much bandwidth your household or business needs by determining the following factors:

  • The number of people using the internet connection
  • The number of devices using the internet connection
  • The types of online activities users will be doing (i.e. gaming, 4K streaming, file downloading, etc.)
  • The bandwidth required per each activity

For most households, at least 5 Mbps will suffice, but for larger office settings or households subject to heavy internet usage, 20 Mbps can easily accommodate all types of simultaneous streaming, downloading, and web browsing.

San Diego Internet Providers

San Diego is a West Coast cultural hub bursting with life and vibrance abound. As the second-most populous city in sunny California, it’s truly no wonder why so many flock to this coastal gem—from beautiful beaches to warm, friendly residents, everyday life in San Diego is easily comparable to paradise. Whether you’ve made a recent move to America’s Finest City, or you’re simply searching for a new internet provider in San Diego, understanding the market and available options is an important first step. 

Using this comprehensive guide to internet service and providers in San Diego, we’ll walk you through everything from how to compare major internet providers to how much internet speed you may need to accommodate your needs.

What types of internet are available in San Diego?

There are four types of internet available in San Diego: Satellite, DSL, Cable, and Fiber-Optic. Cable and DSL are the two most common types residents choose as both have high coverage throughout San Diego. Depending on where you live within the city limits, you may be able to choose from all four options, or you may be limited to one or two. Fiber-Optic, for example, is currently only available to less than 25% of San Diegans.

Unsure of what the differences between these internet types are? Let’s break it down:

  • Satellite: Satellite internet connects users to the web using three separate satellite dishes; one located at the internet service provider’s hub, one suspended in space, and one fixed to your property. For San Diego residents living in areas with limited broadband availability, satellite internet provides a convenient solution, offering speeds between 1-15 Mbps.
  • DSL: Short for Digital Subscriber Line, DSL connects users to the internet through a bandwidth connection made via a telephone network. Because DSL works on separate frequencies, users can use the internet and phone at the same time. DSL is simple, straightforward, and supports download speeds ranging between 10-40 Mbps.
  • Cable: Connecting users to the web through a cable modem and a coaxial cable, Cable internet is usually the ideal option for users looking for bundled plans and faster speeds than DSL. Cable speeds typically range between 10-500 Mbps.
  • Fiber-Optic: Fiber-Optic internet connects users to the web via fiber-optic cables. Those looking for the fastest internet speeds available in San Diego will be able to harness lightning-fast speeds of up to 1000 Mbps.

Do note that not all neighborhoods in San Diego have access to each of the internet network options listed above. To find what’s available in your area, simply enter your zip code in our search tool and let us do the rest.

How do I find affordable internet options in San Diego?

Even though all types of internet effectively do the same thing—connect you to the web—no two internet types or service providers are made equal. This is especially true when it comes to footing your internet bill. Finding affordable internet options in San Diego takes a bit of comparing and contrasting to best gauge what deals make the most sense for your lifestyle and demands. 

San Diego is home to a total of 45 internet providers. This splits off into 13 residential options and 32 business options. The most affordable options include:

  • Cox Communications
  • EarthLink
  • EarthLink Fiber
  • Windstream

What are the highest-rated internet providers in San Diego?

With so many options potentially available in your area, part of the narrowing-down part of the decision-making process likely entails looking for provider ratings and reviews. For an abbreviated look at the highest rated San Diego internet providers, check out the rankings below.

  • HughesNet Best Satellite internet
  • AT&TBest DSL internet
  • Cox Communication Best Cable internet
  • Earthlink Fiber Best Fiber-Optic internet

How much internet speed do I need in San Diego?

You want your internet to be fast, but how much speed do you need? Typically when figuring this out, your demands largely concern the size of your household or business and the type of web-intensive activities you plan on doing. A family of four looking for an affordable plan that delivers on casual browsing needs will likely be satisfied with much slower speeds than that of a booming tech startup office. It’s well worth your while to take the time to first consider your usage and speed needs before narrowing down your San Diego internet provider and plan search.

Light internet users searching for a solid internet connection that can flawlessly accommodate easy web browsing may be best suited with a basic plan that offers download speeds around 25 Mbps. Intermediate users interested in downloading large files or video streaming should consider plans starting at 100 Mbps. Heavy web users in need of web speeds that can stream 4K videos and handle intense online gaming should opt for internet services that offer speeds up to 1000 Mbps.

25+ Mbps

  • Basic web-surfing
  • Social media networking
  • Moderate video-streaming
  • Ideal for 1-2 person household of light internet users

100+ Mbps

  • Intermediate online gaming
  • High-resolution video chatting
  • HD video streaming
  • Ideal for 4+ person household

1000+ Mbps

  • Streaming 4K-quality video on multiple devices
  • Downloading and sharing large files
  • Ideal for home offices
  • Ideal for large households or commercial settings

What are the fastest internet speeds in San Diego?

To capture the fastest internet speeds in San Diego, Fiber-Optic is the way to go. Fiber-Optic download speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps are primarily available through the following San Diego providers: AT&T, Google Fiber, and Cox Gigablast. Those looking for Fiber-Optic alternatives can harness download speeds up to 940 Mbps through Cable internet providers Cox Communications and Spectrum. 

San Diego’s fastest internet speeds at a glance:

  • AT&T Fiber – Fiber-Optic network with speeds up to 1,000 Mbps
  • Cox – Cable network with speeds up to 940 Mbps
  • Google Fiber – Fiber-Optic network with speeds up to 1,000 Mbps
  • Spectrum – Cable network with speeds up to 940 Mbps

Keep in mind that the above options are only available in select areas of San Diego. 

How do I compare internet providers in San Diego?

Before you commit to any San Diego internet provider, it’s important to first confirm that the plan you’re interested in is the best for your needs and circumstances. You’ll first need to make sure that the providers and plans you’re interested in offer coverage in your area. Next, compare and contrast these four key factors to examine the pros and cons of each plan.

  • Cost: Your budget matters—make sure the plan you select is one that fits into your budget without any excessive number crunching that could knock your finances off kilter. 
  • Speed: Your internet speed will determine how efficiently your web connection will work for you. Survey your online needs and demands carefully to avoid settling for a plan too basic or too extreme.
  • Data Caps: Data caps enforce a maximum amount of data you’re able to use before you’re forced to drop bandwidth levels. While there are internet plans that offer unlimited high-speed, many enforce data caps.
  • Contracts: Most San Diego internet providers require a minimum six-month to one-year agreement. However, there are providers who offer contract-free plans that allow you to renew or cancel your plan whenever you please. 

What neighborhoods in San Diego have high provider coverage?

America’s Finest City is home to over a dozen eclectic neighborhoods. From Mission Valley and North Park to Downtown and Carmel Valley, the city’s reach is well accommodated with plentiful internet options. Most of San Diego county has accessibility to at least two internet providers. However, the more central and densely-populated neighborhoods typically feature more extensive options.

Should I bundle TV or phone service with my internet in San Diego?

Bundling TV and/or phone service with your internet plan is a great option for households looking to keep their services and providers smartly streamlined. Popular options like Cox Communications, AT&T, and Spectrum all offer bundled plans that allow you to create a plan that works for you.

The right bundle plan for you can not only connect you to the web and provide you with phone and/or TV service, but it can also save you money. Additionally, one-stop-shopping for web, phone, and TV can save you the headache of searching for and dealing with several different service providers. With everything on one simple bill, managing your finances is made easy.

If you’re among the many cable cutters turning to alternative TV entertainment options, bundling with just phone service or internet service alone may be the more logical option. Bundling is a resourceful idea for those looking to streamline, save, or both.

Bandwidth Place is here to help

Bandwidth Place is your all-in-one solution when it comes to finding the best internet providers in San Diego. We’re here to help you simplify your search and present the best internet packages available in your area. Whether you’re looking for Satellite, Cable, DSL, or Fiber-Optic internet, we can compare and analyze plans and providers to ensure you make the right decision for your needs. Give us a call at 800-990-0017 or use our Provider Finder tool to get started! 

Bandwidth Place is here to help

Need help figuring out how to choose the best internet service provider in San Diego or have further questions? Bandwidth Place can help every step of the way. We’re here to simplify your buyer’s journey and narrow down your search to the best internet packages in your state.

Whether you prefer Satellite, Cable, DSL, Fixed Wireless, or Fiber-Optic, Bandwidth Place can help you determine the best option for your specific needs. Call us today at 800-990-0017.