Paul Williams
Paul Williams

September 30, 2019

Welcome to the Cox speed test, this will show you what speed has been designated for uploading and downloading all your media.

cox speed test

Internet speeds are measured by Mbps, but how can you understand these speeds shown in this test? Easy, let us explain:

Your internet connection speeds are the ones in which data or content travels from the web to your computer, tablet or smartphone. The speed of this data is measured in Mbps (megabits per second).

Mbps: megabits per second. You need eight megabits per second to move a file of one megabyte, that is, the bits move bytes. Therefore, higher Mbps means faster file transfer, such as photos, videos, documents, etc.

The difference between download and upload speeds can be explained as follows:

  • Download speed refers to the speed at which digital data is transferred from the Internet to your computer (measured in Mbps).
  • Upload speed is the rate at which transmits data online from your computer to the Internet.

First of all before starting the cox speed test, if you want to get the best results, we recommend that you connect your computer directly to your home router via an Ethernet cable, not via Wi-Fi.

This is because connecting it through Wi-Fi may not give you the actual results of your internet speed.


Are There Factors That Affect the Speeds of My Internet?

Yes, there are several things that can affect the speed of your Internet connection. What kind of details? Now we will show you:

  • The type of Internet connection you use (speeds vary, for example, dial-up connection, DSL (digital subscriber line), cable or satellite.
  •  Sometimes, the capabilities of a website or an Internet network can affect speeds. This occurs by breaking down the limits on which users can download, upload or transmit data.
  • Internet speeds may vary depending on the configuration and operation of computers. Factors like hardware, software, applications and other computer systems can impact the speed.
  •  Running multiple devices on the same home network will increase the demand for your home’s Internet system and may affect the speed or Internet connection.


How Do I Know If My Internet Speed Is Good Enough for What I Need?

Well, I already did the Cox speed test, how do I know that the Internet speed I have is good? Before determining the best Internet speeds for you, consider the following points:

  • Purposes for which you will use the Internet, recreational activities or business projects.
  •  If you will be streaming movies, series, or video games, or if you love having fun on YouTube watching your favorite channels.
  •  Planning on watching your series in high definition or you usually download heavy files.
  •  If you chat with friends, use social networks, or casually browse the Internet.

Regardless of the magnitude of your home activities, it is recommended that you look for an Internet plan or service that can meet your unique needs. You can change your current Cox Internet Plan to a faster one. 

It is possible that certain home computers, laptops or mobile applications may require high-speed Internet to function better. This is because certain programs or softwares need to maintain a constant connection to the internet.


Before You Leave

We hope that the Cox speed test has resolved doubts regarding the speed of your Cox internet. Return whenever you need to measure the results again.

Once you have understood the information about how Internet speeds are measured and the factors that are involved, you will be ready to select a high-speed Internet plan suitable for you and the various needs in your home.

If you are not happy with your results, then maybe it’s time to find a different provider. Call us toll free and one of our experts will help you find a better service in your area. 

Paul Williams
Paul Williams

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