Are you interested in streaming free movies online? If the answer is yes, then you need to check out, because and all of its content is completely free. streams popular movies and relatively new TV shows all from the Sony Pictures Entertainment catalogue (e.g., Pineapple Express, Real Genius, The Karate Kid, Rudy, and more). It’s available online and as an app for mobile devices.

crackle Looks Similar to Netflix

You have three choices in the header—movies, shows, and watch lists—with content just recently added in the splash screen. The movies are listed below the splash screen, and they vary greatly, with several oldies included. With movies like Run Lola Run and Bad Lieutenant, may seem to have a 90s fetish, but that’s OK, especially when it’s all free.

The television isn’t bad either. Remember, this is Sony Pictures material, so if you want to watch Seinfeld or The Shield, you’re in heaven. The streaming is ad supported, and programming is interrupted by commercials, but — even though its limited catalogue is not in HD — is a great alternative to a night when there’s nothing on TV. It’s also a nice alternative to Hulu or Netflix (which have their own content limitations).

Stream on Your Phone or Tablet

If you enjoy streaming with your phone or tablet, supports iOS and Android, again all for free. The quality is good and the user experience is very easy and intuitive. It makes total sense to download the app for your phone or tablet and try it out. You never know what movie or TV show you’ll find.

Use It With Chrome

As for Chrome users, the Chrome app is specifically made for the Chrome browser and is very easy to use. Now all you need is a Chromecast, a laptop with WiFi, and a TV. Voila! Now you’re streaming free movies online right to your television.

No matter how you choose to watch, it gives you a nice array of free movies and programming right on your laptop, phone, or tablet … or even TV. It’s worth checking out as an addition to your usual streaming options. It also lets you stream shows you may not easily find elsewhere. Just make sure your broadband is robust with an internet speed test from, and you’re good to go!

Paul Williams
Paul Williams

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