Despite advances in modern society, one of the biggest issues people face when using the Internet today is dealing with slow Internet speed. Although in many cases slow speed can be attributed to infrastructure issues and excessive load on the network, sometimes the culprit of slow speeds lies on your devices. As wiseGEEK discusses, an Internet booster can be used on most computers to boost speeds. By definition, an Internet booster is a program designed to optimize your computer so it performs more efficiently.


How Internet Booster Tools Help You

One of the biggest ways Internet boosters help to fight slow Internet speeds is through running tests on your hard drive and then correcting any errors it encounters. In theory, these tweaks help the hard drive to operate faster and also make sense of an Internet connection much sooner. Aside from Internet browsing, Internet boosters also can help improve email speeds — especially helpful for people who often deal with large attachments — while also helping to reduce broken connection issues.

Speed boosters can be used on both traditional and mobile devices to improve your speed. In particular, on mobile devices an Internet booster can be a great tool to help cope with bad Internet connections caused by low reception.

How to Test Internet Booster Effectiveness

The best way to determine if your Internet booster is working to fight slow Internet speed is to use an Internet speed test to measure performance. By using a responsive tool, you can use the same test on all your Internet connected devices without having to worry about compatibility issues. With only a couple of clicks, you can get a precise reading of your speeds and know for sure if your Internet booster is working.

In some cases, you may have to contact your Internet service provider to have them fix your connection. Common reasons for this include excessive load on the network due to too many subscribers, or even worn-out infrastructure. Fortunately, many Internet service providers are attentive to these issues and will work with you to resolve them in a timely fashion.

Paul Williams
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