Keeping track of your Internet speed on a smartphone is a good idea, especially when you are traveling and need to verify the quality of your broadband connection. Nothing is worse than having to download a large file before giving a presentation when the bandwidth is near a dial-up level.

The problem is that many popular browser-based Internet speed tests don’t work on smartphones because they require Flash. Some speed test companies offer apps that are compatible with the iPhone and Android smartphones, but what if you need to quickly download a speed test app when the bandwidth is poor? Enter the HTML5 speed test!

Start your Internet Test

Start your Internet Test

Test My Speed with an HTML5 Speed Test

When you need to perform a quick Internet speed test on your smartphone, a test using HTML5 is probably your best option. HTML5 speed tests don’t require Flash, and they don’t force you to download an app when you a suffering from substandard bandwidth. Imagine trying to deal with a customer support rep from your wireless provider and having to download an app that takes over 10 minutes!

All you really need to do is start your mobile web browser, navigate to the HTML5 speed test website, and perform your test. Boom! There are no Flash incompatibility issues, and a speed test app isn’t now taking up valuable space on your smartphone.

HTML5 Speed Tests are Perfect for Smartphones and Tablets

If you regularly use your iPad or other tablet computer in addition to your smartphone, performing an HTML5 speed test on a tablet is also great as a regular check up on your ISP. Once again, you don’t have to worry about slow Internet speeds hampering the downloading of a speed test app, let alone the extra space needed to store the app and any test result data.

When you are traveling for business or pleasure, or even when at home on your iPad, having an HTML5 speed test website bookmarked in your mobile web browser is the easiest way to quickly test your Internet speed as needed. Make sure to run a test weekly when at home and save the results.