When you’re using the Internet, sometimes it helps to know how fast your connection is so you can be sure you are getting the speed that you paid for. A DSL speed test can be crucial to ensuring that your service provider is delivering Internet at the speeds they promise. Although testing your Internet speed might seem daunting, you can easily measure your speed in one click by using a bandwidth speed test.

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What to Look for in a DSL Speed Test

When it comes to picking a provider for your DSL speed test, you should make sure the test works uniformly on both traditional and mobile setups. Having a single point to run the tests is crucial, because it will ensure that when you compare speeds, the results are accurate. Many speed test sites are available. Choose a speed test provider which uses HTML5 and responsive code. The benefits of these technologies is that the speed test can run in a variety of browsers, be they on mobile or traditional setups.

Other Considerations

Another key consideration is where the servers performing the speed test are located. Typically, the provider will have servers on the East and West Coasts plus servers in Central America, because those are the major areas where many websites house their servers. You should run speed tests on multiple servers, because distance from your computer to a server plays a significant role in determining data speed.

How to Improve Your Internet Speed

If it appears your Internet service provider is not providing you with the speeds it advertises, you might want to call the ISP’s customer service line and ask about the network performance in your area. Since Internet pipes are often shared by multiple customers, you might be having a slow connection due to distance from the data center or because of overuse by other customers. In many cases, the Internet provider will be able to send an engineer to survey the network infrastructure to resolve any trouble spots.

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