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If you’ve enjoyed any media on HBO Max, or used the Spectrum TV service, you’ve got Time Warner to thank (previously Charter Communications–circa 2015). Separate from Warner Media is their offering of high speed internet. Spectrum Internet is available in most metropolitan areas and coastal cities.


Spectrum Bundles (similar to Xfinity Triple Play) unloads huge amounts of bandwidth, advertised at a whopping 940 Mbps (Megabits per second). Making it simple to enjoy seamless streaming, gaming, and browsing without hiccups in your home. Their internet is tailored to the number of devices in your home, and have no data caps.

Spectrum also includes antivirus software, and a free modem with your subscription. To make sure that these products perform at the rate that you’re paying, it’s best to check their speeds–and Time Warner Cable Internet offers that service specifically to its customer base.


How do I Test My Spectrum Speed

Spectrum offers a free Spectrum Internet Speed Test. It’s a relatively fast test, and is catered towards Spectrum customers. This broadband speed test is meant to read their specific hardware and software.


The site tells you before you begin that you’re more likely to see advertised speeds with a wired connection. Make sure you physically connect your device to your modem or router with an ethernet cable to the LAN Port. 


Click the link above and you’ll immediately be prompted to “Begin Speed Test.” Click the blue button and wait for results. Running the test is simple, and takes only a few seconds.


If you’re not a subscriber to Spectrum, there are other tools below.

Other WiFi Speed Tests

Time Warner isn’t the only company that provides WiFi tests specifically for their customer base. Xfinity customers can run an Xfinity Internet Speed Test if they use Comcast, and most everyone else can use the Google Speed Test. Those that simply Google “Internet Speed Test” end up using Google’s native tool (partnered with M-Labs). The test works with all providers, software, and hardware.


One of the most reliable and compatible tests is Bandwidth Place. Most tests run on Flash, but Bandwidth Place uses HTML5, so there’s no loss of information and all data that is sent from your computer is encrypted and safe.

Test Results

Once the test is over, you’ll have all important information available to you. Most tests (Xfinity Speed Test and Spectrum Speed Test) give you:


  • Upload Speeds – measured in Mbps
  • Download Speeds – measured in Mbps
  • Ping Rate – measured in Milliseconds (ms)
  • Server – typically your location
  • Internet Connection Strength – how strong the connection is to your WiFi Router


Once your net speed test is over, it’s important to record this information in case the speeds you’re receiving are not the speeds you’re paying for. This info can ultimately save you dollars in the long run. But before you call up customer service, check below to see if your slower than advertised speeds aren’t the result of user error.

How Can I Speed Up My Spectrum Internet?

1. Have everyone press pause.

Before running any network speed test, it’s important to limit online activities. These speed tests prioritize a ton of bandwidth, and excessive streaming, gaming, or use on multiple devices can split bandwidth pretty thin.


2. Hardwire in.

Most of these tests will be run over WiFi, which is great to show you everyday use, but won’t relate into your overall speed. To get as close to your advertised speeds as possible, use an ethernet cable to hardwire into your modem or router.


3. Try Multiple Devices

Check your internet speed on multiple devices, one at a time. Slower than expected speeds could possibly be the result of faulty hardware. It also helps to know exactly how responsive each device is, and how much bandwidth each is occupying.


4. Upgrade!

Consider investing in a dual band router. A 2.4 GHz and 5GHz option will help simple devices (like thermostats, phones, and laptops used for browsing) use less bandwidth. This clears up stronger bandwidth so gaming consoles, work computers, and streaming devices can work fluidly.


Have all the information to know if the speeds that are advertised, are the speeds that you’re getting.


Paul Williams
Paul Williams

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