Mediacom Internet

Get started with Mediacom

$49.99/mo. plus activation, installation and monthly modem rental fees

  • Internet 100 for 12 months
  • Download speed up to 100 Mbps & Upload speed up to 10 Mbps
  • Regular price $79.99/mo starting 2nd year
  • $109.99 Installation fee
*ltd. avail / areas See details

Advantages of Mediacom internet

  • Reliable top speeds
  • Extensive Fiber coverage availability
  • Competitive new customer deals

Disadvantages of Mediacom internet

  • Annual price hikes
  • Limited usage allowance. Excess usage charged extra.
  • Coverage only available in 22 states

If you are living in or moving to the South or Midwest, Mediacom is an exceptional internet provider that services millions of web users in these regions. When it comes to price, Mediacom runs in the middle of the pack, offering competitive prices at reliably fast speeds and bandwidth capacities. Where Mediacom internet shines is in its free add-ons and features including internet security software, Xtream WiFi hotspots, and 24/7 customer service assistance and tech support.

Mediacom Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Mediacom internet cost?

Mediacom plans range from $49.99/mo for entry-level package to $79.99/mo for 1 Gig Internet with Fiber Optic connection. The promo price is for 1st year only and does not include activation, installation and monthly modem rental fees. Current installation fee - $109.99.

How fast are Mediacom internet speeds?

Mediacom internet speeds are among the most impressive in the modern industry. The entry level Mediacom Internet 100 plan boasts download speeds up to 100 Mbps, allowing you to connect multiple devices, stream, surf, game, and more at an affordable price. For more extreme users, the Mediacom Internet 1 Gig plan offers lightning-fast speeds up to 1,000 Mbps.

Does Mediacom have unlimited internet?

Mediacom Internet plans come with a limited usage allowance and excess usage is charged extra. Internet 100 plan comes with 1,000 GB usage allowance per monthly billing period. Internet 300 comes with 2,000 GB and 1 GIG Internet with 6,000 GB per monthly billing period. Excess usage will be billed at $10 for every increment of up to 50 additional gigabytes used. For example, if usage exceeded the allowance by 51 gigabytes, the additional charge would be $20.

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