Testing your mobile phone WiFi connection is a great way to make sure your Internet is operating at the speed promised by your service provider, but you aren’t limited to running those tests on your desktop computer. Mobile phone WiFi testing is a perfect way to test the power of your WiFi signal at various places in your home or office. Additionally, it is a great way to compare the quality of service between your home Internet provider and your mobile Internet service subscription.


How to Run a Mobile Phone WiFi Speed Test on your Smartphone

Running a WiFi speed test on your smartphone is a simple task. Most convenient are the speed tests that are able to run in your smartphone’s mobile web browser. Just follow the simple on-screen prompts to begin the test. If the online test doesn’t save your results, take a screen shot after the finished test to provide a history.

Some tests are available as apps for both the iOS and Android platforms. To use these, download the app you want. Then follow the instructions to run the test and save your result.

Checking for the Optimal Spot for WiFi at Your House

Using an Internet test service that allows you to download and save the test results makes it easy to check the quality of your WiFi connection at various locations in your house when you perform the test on your smartphone or even a tablet computer. Does that all brick in the family room hamper your WiFi signal? Mobile phone WiFi testing lets you easily check your entire house, even a screened-in Florida room, to find an excellent WiFi connection.

Simply save the test results in a spreadsheet or word processing document labeled for each room in which you performed the test. Now you will know the best and worst places to wirelessly access the Internet in your house.

Comparing Your Home WiFi with Your Carrier’s 3G or 4G Signal

Another great application for mobile phone WiFi testing is comparing the quality of the signal between your home WiFi connection and your mobile phone provider’s 3G or 4G signal. Sometimes the speed of a 4G network can rival that of a cable Internet or DSL connection, and bandwidth testing on a smartphone is a great way to find out. The test results might be the determining factor in spending a bit extra on your monthly data allowance.

Whatever your reasons for performing an Internet speed test, the convenience of running that test on a smartphone allows you more insight into the quality of your WiFi connection that isn’t possible on your desktop computer. Take advantage of your mobile phone for WiFi signal testing.

Paul Williams
Paul Williams

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