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Ziply Fiber Internet Plans & Pricing

Gig speeds (upload & download)

No data caps

No contract required

Speeds up to 10000 Mbps starting at:

$10/mo. plus taxes

Plus taxes & fees.  Speeds based on wired connection. Actual speeds may vary. May or may not be available based on service address.

or call to order

Ziply Fiber Internet Plans

Fiber 100/100


Speeds up to:

100 Mbps


Fiber 300/300


Speeds up to:

300 Mbps


Fiber Gig


Speeds up to:

1000 Mbps


Fiber 2 Gig


Speeds up to:

2000 Mbps


Fiber 5 Gig


Speeds up to:

5000 Mbps


Fiber 10 Gig


Speeds up to:

10,000 Mbps


DSL Internet


Speeds up to:

115 Mbps


Compare Ziply Fiber Internet Plans & Pricing

Plan NameConnection TypeDownload SpeedPrice
DSL InternetDSL115 Mbps$50/mo
Fiber 100/100Fiber100 Mbps$10/mo
Fiber 300/300Fiber300 Mbps$40/mo
Fiber GigFiber1000 Mbps$60/mo
Fiber 2 GigFiber2000 Mbps$70/mo
Fiber 5 GigFiber5000 Mbps$120/mo
Fiber 10 GigFiber10,000 Mbps$300/mo