When it comes to your routine monthly expenses, cell phone service typically is one of the biggest-budget items the average person deals with. Despite voice and text packages becoming increasingly affordable through unlimited bundles, every major US carrier except Sprint and T-Mobile has done away with unlimited data plans. Even with those two carriers, however, bad reception and the hassles of tethering can make it difficult to reach top Internet speeds. Fortunately, many Internet service providers are setting up free WiFi networks nationally, which help to reduce cellular data usage while providing faster speeds.


More Coverage Than You Might Expect

Although it is impossible to name every provider that offers free WiFi, start by checking with your local cable provider, be it Cox, Comcast, Optimum, or Time Warner Cable. These internet service providers all are part of the Cable WiFi Consortium, a group of cable providers who have teamed up to provide their customers with a network of hotspots across the US. For cable subscribers, access to the network is offered at no additional charge; however, non-subscribers can access the network for a nominal fee.

If you aren’t a cable subscriber, some companies such as Verizon Fios and AT&T also offer WiFi access across the US, which can help to complement any wireless subscription. As time goes on, you can expect to see WiFi coverage improve nationally, because cellular networks are costly and expensive to build. This means most wireless carriers will need to push customers onto WiFi networks to improve the reliability of their cellular systems.

The Importance of a Speed Test When On the Go

When you’re out in the field, you usually will have a variety of WiFi networks to choose from. If you want to make sure you’re connected to the best network, it is vital to use an Internet speed test to ensure you use the best network for your needs. Although many apps on the market measure Internet speeds, you should use a site which works on mobile and traditional devices because that ensures the speed test is uniform regardless of the device.

Paul Williams
Paul Williams

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