Streaming movies over the Internet continues to be a growing technology trend in the world of digital entertainment. MGO, or M-GO, is another Internet video on demand service offering a full range of recent movies and TV shows for your streaming pleasure. The service’s major industry competition includes the standard list of names: Netflix, Amazon Prime, iTunes, etc.

Formed in 2013, M-GO offers customers a free subscription, but renting individual shows and movies costs a nominal fee. The service is available on many smart TVs and streaming devices like the Roku and Chromecast.

Streaming movies with M-GO

M-GO Focuses on First Run Movies Before the Competition

One of M-GO’s biggest advantages over the competition involves its deals with a variety of Hollywood studios allowing you to stream movies as soon as they are released on DVD or Blu-Ray. Streaming current TV shows soon after their network air date is another possibility.

As a subscriber you are allowed to rent movies for a 24-hour period; expect to pay a fee between $4 and $6 per movie. TV shows, on the other hand, can only be purchased. The typical price for a whole season ranges from $10 to $40, while individual episodes can be bought for $2 to $3. SD-quality content is slightly less expensive than the HD equivalent.

M-GO’s content prices are comparable to other streaming video services with free subscriptions. Netflix allows free streaming for one nominal fee per month, but that service’s library of content changes on an almost weekly basis. Amazon Prime also offers a host of other benefits, including free two-day shipping, with its service.

MGO Keeps your Bandwidth Burning

Since the M-GO subscription costs nothing, consider it another worthy option for streaming movies or TV shows if you can’t find a certain program or Hollywood blockbuster on one of the other VOD services. As mentioned earlier, the company’s connections in the movie industry sometimes gives it access to the latest films before the other services.

Of course with any video streaming service, make sure your home Internet service is up to snuff. Always perform regular speed tests to ensure your ISP provides sufficient bandwidth to seamlessly stream movies in HD. With all this in mind, M-GO might become your best bet for the latest in digital entertainment.

Paul Williams
Paul Williams

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