Grow Your Broadband with a Business DS3 (T3).

T3 Line Providers (DS3) provide a highly-reliable solution for companies with high bandwidth demands to transfer large files, host video or  multiple websites or add high-quality voice services.  T3, or DS3, lines are also backed by Service Level Agreements that guarantee business performance.  A DS3 line can be increased incrementally, up to 45 Mbps, and gives businesses scalability that is rivaled only by Ethernet. As a business demands more and more bandwidth, growing companies most often get started with a fractional DS3 and expand to a full 45 Mbps. Most corporations expanding beyond the limits of their T1 line and NxT1 service opt into a fractional DS3 with speeds up to 6 – 9 Mbps, and scale as needed.

DS3 Pricing and Availability

Often, IT professionals deploy a DS3 line to create point-to-point, Internet, Frame relay, or voice and DS3 VPN connections. Pricing fluctuates based on the T3 line provider, local loop and port charges.  BandwidthPlace Business Consultants provide a no-cost service to evaluate your DS3 requirements and give you options for the best T3 Line Provider, plans, and pricing for your location. Visit our “Get More Speed” tool to request information from a Bandwidth Expert. We take a non-sales, consultation approach for visitors and your contact information is never provided to a third party aside from obtaining pricing and service availability.


Upside of T3 Line Providers:

  • Reliable, high-speed Internet with massive bandwidth.
  • Pro-active monitoring and maintenance service is standard.
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs) ensure quality business performance.
  • Most DS3 services include professional installation and online management tools, plus 24/365 support.

Downside of T3 Line Providers:

  • A T3 can be expensive for a full 45 Mbps—so it makes sense to contract the exact bandwidth service you need, with the option of upgrading.
  • Ethernet may offer a better solution for scalability beyond 45 Mbps.
  • Pricing (loop charges) fluctuate based on distance from the edge of the carriers network.

A typical DS3 (T3 Line Providers) installation includes two technician visits

An expert technician will conduct two appointments to determine inside wiring needs and finally the installation:

  • Site survey appointment: Once an order has been booked, a technician will visit the site for cabling needs and CPE placement.
  • Installation appointment: A technician will perform needed wiring and installation.

A DS3 / TS3 Wrap-up

A DS3 (T3) service delivers on scalability, price and bandwidth speed from 6 Mbps to a full 45 Mbps.  The service is backed by Service Level Agreements to guarantee you get the performance required for business applications.  Research multiple T3 line providers to get the best pricing and Service Level Agreement.

Paul Williams
Paul Williams

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