8K Video Devices hitting the Market – Is it Too Soon?

Paul Williams

Technology waits for no man – sometimes not even the consumer. 8K video devices from some very forward

January 24, 2018

Adding Individual Channels to Sling TV

Paul Williams

A major reason for the cord-cutting trend involves customers being forced to pay for channels they rarely

June 29, 2018

Comparing Different Types of Internet Service Providers

Paul Williams

If you are deciding to get Internet service or moving to a new location with robust competition between

August 31, 2015

Ziply Fiber

Marius Danazas

Ziply Fiber is a fast-growing Internet provider in the Northwest USA servicing areas in the

November 20, 2020

AT&T Fiber


Simple Straightforward Pricing No equipment fees. No annual contract. No data caps & No price

March 8, 2018