Comcast has long been known as the largest cable operator in the United States. Late in 2012, the company officially launched its home security and automation service, which is now available in 40 states and billed under the brand name of Comcast Xfinity Home.


What Is Comcast Home Security?

Due to work, social commitments, and vacations, individuals and families spend less time at home than ever before. Quite naturally, there’s a growing concern that the place you love remains safe and protected when you’re not there. Comcast Home Security promises to offer homeowners peace of mind, with a range of plans designed to soothe personal security anxieties with a “smart home” solution that will fit a variety of budgets and needs.

How Does Comcast Home Security Work?

Via wireless cameras discretely placed outside and inside your house, Comcast allows you to monitor your home through a live-streaming video which can be accessed from anywhere at anytime, as long as you have a robust Internet connection (a speed test can make sure you do) and the required password. Through the marvels of a broadband Internet service, when doors and windows are opened, you are alerted by email, text, and video notifications.

Remote thermostat and lighting controls also allow absent users to create a “lived-in” appearance to scare away any unwelcome guests. Additionally, when paired with a Comcast Xfinity Home thermostat, the system allows you to save money by remotely adjusting the temperature of your house. For those who want extra peace of mind, the Xfinity Home Secure package connects your home with the local police and fire departments and provides 24/7 professional monitoring.

The Final Verdict

Now available in 40 states, Comcast Home Security is worth considering if you’re concerned about your home security. Comcast’s system comes fully equipped with cellular and battery backup, so your home stays protected even in the event of power failures. Adding a home security system will also help you save on homeowner’s insurance, another benefit worth considering.

Paul Williams
Paul Williams

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