If you want to start streaming to your TV (or say, Chromecast) and you’re just not able to connect an Ethernet cable directly, then you need a WiFi router — and with Chromecast, you need a WiFi router, period!


So, maybe you have one already, from 5 years ago, but have noticed how bad it performs when streaming video. Here’s the truth about WiFi: If you don’t go big, you get poor streaming (take into account your bandwidth as well — make sure you perform a speed test regularly). But don’t worry, “big” is only $136-$220, a one-time expense for a router that will last you at least three to five years. Plus, you don’t want to “cheapen” your streaming video experience. Face it. It’s time to upgrade!

So, here are some WiFi routers that are both cost effective and able to deliver high performance for streaming video:

Trednet TEW-812DRU AC1750 Dual-Band Wireless Router

At $136, this is the most affordable WiFi router with the best performance, plus, it’s incredibly easy to use. Another great feature, not available on most routers: you can set up as many as four main WiFi networks (and another four guest WiFi networks on each band). That is sixteen concurrent WiFi networks!

The router has good range (but not as insane as the others listed here), but with solid performance and cheap pricing — for a router — this one is a great alternative to super-high-end routers and perfect for streaming video and playing online games.

D-Link DIR-866L

At $160 dollars, this is a much better router for the price. You get a fast router, with great WiFi coverage, plus, USB 3.0 support.

It has a vertical cylindrical design and includes common features found in high-end routers including guest networking, iPv6, port forwarding, QoS (quality of service), and firewall. What you have is an advanced router, for a more reasonable price.

Asus RT-AC86U Dual-Band Wireless-AC 1900 GB Router

At $220 dollars, this WiFi router is specifically for video streaming aficionados (and gamers). You can simply do anything with this router: online game, mobile game, mobile Skype, Chromecast, Netflix streaming, you name it.

This is a powerful router, with huge range (remember: when streaming video to your TV over WiFi, your worst enemy is lag and buffering). This is the “no-holds barred” cyber-behemoth of routers, so if you want the best, here it is.

Paul Williams
Paul Williams

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