Whether you need to keep track of finances for your household, run complex spreadsheets for your business, or keep a list of your favorite types of beer, a spreadsheet can save the day.

If you don’t want to be tied down to desktop versions of spreadsheets and want to be able to work on a spreadsheet no matter where you are, there are many online applications available. For those who need to collaborate or share data with others, an online spreadsheet can be a useful tool.


Here are five options that will have you taking your data to the cloud:

  • Google Docs – A major contender among the list of online spreadsheet apps, Google’s spreadsheet is similar to the more familiar Excel and is shareable with others.
  • Zoho – You can create, edit and share spreadsheets. The sharing options allow you to work with others on spreadsheets in real time. Import your Excel spreadsheets and export spreadsheets created to Zoho in the various formats available.
  • EditGrid – Considered to be an online version of Excel, EditGrid has the same look and feel of the desktop application as well as sharing the standard spreadsheet features. You have the option of syncing your spreadsheets to your desktop and sharing with others. There is even a built in chat function that allows you to send messages to others you may be working with.
  • ThinkFree – Create, view or edit worksheets. ThinkFree Calc also comes with the standard spreadsheet features and gives you the ability to create advanced worksheets.
  • Grid – This visually appealing spreadsheet is made for the iPhone and iPad. Grid works like a spreadsheet, but it’s not just about numbers. According to the creators of Grid, it is about to-do lists, grocery shopping, planning and organizing the things that matter in your life. Although the current version of Grid does not have the ability to run spreadsheet calculations, it is slated to be included in future versions. Don’t worry, the CEO and designer of Grid is Josh Leong, designer of Microsoft’s Excel 2013, so he should know something about spreadsheets. Grid is available June 6, 2013, in the Apple store.

Paul Williams
Paul Williams

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