It’s a real struggle–speed issues with your internet plans. It rarely matters what you’re doing anymore: streaming, gaming, working, browsing. We need our providers to provide, and sometimes it feels like they’re purposefully crapping our connection speeds and then laughing at us with their rich cigars, in their expensive super fast internet houses.


Maybe that was a little too much spite–but you get the picture. America survives on fast speeds and fast speeds alone, and we unfortunately get behind when those speeds start to dip, even a little bit.


But before we rip cigars out of cackling mouths with torch and pitchfork, let’s check to make sure we’ve done everything we can to provide the best speeds on our end. Sometimes the fix is as simple as replacing the router–so hopefully we can pierce the root of how to speed up your internet (for free hopefully).

How To Speed Up Your Internet Router

Understand that it’s just a little piece of hardware, typically no bigger than a desk-lamp in most instances.


This little guy supports multiple devices, all doing drastically different things. I’m willing to bet while you’re reading this, there’s at least 3 other devices linked to your wi fi server at this very moment. 


And just because a device isn’t on, doesn’t mean it isn’t using bandwidth. Many apps, services, consoles, and devices run background programs that require bandwidth and an internet connection even if they’re not currently powered on.


Then there’s peak hours, these little pieces of plastic now have to support multiple videos being streamed in 4k, a few online games that require drastically low ping and incredibly high download speeds–we ask a lot!


They may not be sentient beings, but at the end of the day–even computers can only do so much. The first and easiest fix – give it a break. Give your hardware some time to breathe. 


Turn off your laptops and computers at the end of the day. Shut down consoles, and clear your cache. Even unplugging your router and modem (or just the one device if you’re working with modem router combos) can give it a chance to re-sync its communication. Try these steps and see if you notice a difference after a day or two.

WiFi Router

Best Router to Improve Internet Speed

Okay, so you need a fix RIGHT NOW and this whole “give it a break” thing isn’t working for you. There are some immediate fixes. However, let’s clear up this idea of how to get faster internet speed from your router. While brands like the TP Link Archer are better than other at splitting dedicated bandwidth without packet loss–the idea that a router can magically fix your internet speeds.

It can’t.

The actual bandwidth and speed caps are set by your provider or carrier, not your router. That doesn’t mean a new router can’t improve your speeds into a range closer to what you’re paying for–it just means, don’t expect a modem or router to fix all of your problems.


So if you follow these next few steps and you still experience low speeds, it could be that you’re not paying for your providers fastest internet service–and you simply might have to upgrade.


If you know you’re paying top tier and you still aren’t getting all 600 mbps (not an actual download speed) you were promised, know that the best router to speed up internet doesn’t actually exist. Instead let’s see what steps you can take to making user end improvements.

Speed Test

For starters, run an Internet Speed Test. It’s always best to run this test hardwired. Use ethernet cables to plug in directly to your cable modem router. It’s good to know what your wireless router can give you, but you’ll always get faster speeds with a dedicated line.


If that’s not possible or your device doesn’t have an ethernet port, simply perform your test routinely over WiFi. Check your speeds and your plan–if you’re within the speeds that you’re paying for and you’re still not happy? Time to upgrade.


If you notice that your speeds are massively underperforming, take note in case you have to report back to your Internet Service Provider.


Power Cycle

It’s cliche, but it’s cliche for a reason. If your router is giving you grief, give it a time out. Simply reset it and try your processes again. Move closer to the actual device after you’ve turn it off and turned it back on again so that there’s a clear and uninhibited connection. 


Most (if not all) routers and modems are wireless, so proximity plays a big part in actual efficacy. It just might improve overall dedicated bandwidth. If you can avoid it, don’t push the reset button–actually unplug the device, wait 15-60 seconds, and plug it back in.


Most routers offer “dual band” (2.4 ghz and 5 ghz) frequencies to compliment newer internet options. The reset button simply realigns the frequencies if the communication gets jumbled. An actual power cycle will stop all software communication and resync all devices again.


Answering how to speed up your internet connection should be relatively easy. Test Your Internet Speed. Find out if there are steps you can take or if your provider needs to step up.


Paul Williams
Paul Williams

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