Windstream Internet Provider

Windstream offers internet service across 42 states with the greatest coverage in Georgia, Texas, and Kentucky. DSL internet from Windstream is available to an estimated 13.1 million people, making it the 5th largest provider of DSL broadband in the U.S. by coverage area.

*Pricing per month plus taxes for length of contract. Additional fees and terms may apply. Pricing varies by location and availability. All prices subject to change at any time. May or may not be available based on service address. As of 05/20/20.

Plans starting at

$60.00/mo for 12 mos,
+ taxes &
equip. fee

  • Modem w/ WiFi: $9.99/mo
  • Setup: $50.00 (Includes activation and free professional installation.)
  • 25 mbps ↓ and -- mbps ↑ w/ no data cap.
  • Includes one-time $100 bill credit
*ltd. avail / areas See details