Las Vegas, Nevada Internet Providers & Internet Speed Data

Here are the Internet Providers, plans and pricing available in Las Vegas, Nevada. To view Internet deals on bundles, click on the "Bundles" tab. Or, save time and call our Internet Experts to research the best plans that fit your Internet needs. Plans listed may not be available at all addresses in Las Vegas.

  • For special promotions in your area call 800-254-6507
    • 25 mbps ↓ and 5.0 mbps ↑
    • 3-year promo rate. Regular rate is $170.00.
    • Contract Term: 3 years
    • Setup: $25.00 (Includes modem activation.)
    • Modem: $5/mo
  • For special promotions in your area call (800) 352-5475
    • Up to 200Mbps available (with upload speeds of up to 7Mbps in all locations, up to 10Mbps in some locations)
    • 1-year promo rate.
    • Plan not available in all markets. Pricing varies depending on your business’ specific needs. Speak with an agent to verify.
    • Modem included.
  • For special promotions in your area call (800) 270-0673
    • Internet you can count on at a price that won’t change.
    • Keep your rate for as long as you keep your Price for Life Internet Plan.
    • Finally, Internet at a price that lasts year after year.
    • No contract. No rate hikes.
  • For special promotions in your area call (800) 280-5849
    • Terms: 12 months*
    • Terms: No contract required
    • Security: Suite included
    • Speed: Starting at 100 Mbps
    • Internet modem included
    • No data caps or extra fees
    *when bundled
  • For special promotions in your area call 800-254-6507
    • Modem w/ WiFi: $9.99/mo
    • Setup: $75.00 (Includes professional installation.)
    • 1-year promo rate. Regular rate is $64.99.
    • 30 mbps ↓ and 3.0 mbps ↑
    • 1024 GB/mo data cap
  • For special promotions in your area call (800) 609-9012
    • Symmetrically fast downloads and uploads
    • Stream/download videos and share files and photos
    • No Data Caps*
    • Other Fee: $9.99 Broadband Disconnection Fee upon cancelling service
    • Pricing: Year 2 - $54.99
    *No Data Caps: Other terms and conditions apply, including Frontier’s Acceptable Use Policy & Network Management Policy, and are subject to change without notice.
  • For special promotions in your area call (800) 413-8271
    • Contract Term: 2 years with 2-year price lock guarantee*
    • No long-term contract option - requires a $300.00 No Long-Term Contract fee
    • Setup: $0 (Free standard installation)**
    • Up to 12 mbps ↓ and -- 3 mbps ↑
    • Unlimited data
    • Modem: $9.99/mo or one-time $299.99
    • 3-month promo rate. Regular rate is $70.00
    • After 40 GB of data usage data might be prioritized behind other customers during network congestion
    * The price lock guarantee applies only to the standard monthly internet service fee and the monthly equipment lease fee (in each case, before any promotional discounts) and excludes all taxes and surcharges. **Limited-time free standard installation offer available only to new Viasat Internet customers. Offer requires credit qualification. Installation fees apply to those with lower credit ratings. Free standard installation offer is not available in all areas.
  • For special promotions in your area call 800-569-2173
    • Modem with WiFi included
    • Contract Term: 2 years
    • 50 GB Bonus Bytes from 2am - 8am
    • Equipment non-return and additional fees apply
    • Additional Fees. Equipment lease or purchase required.
    • Free standard installation for new Lease subscribers. Not valid with Purchase option.
    • Early Termination Fees and/or Unreturned Equipment Fees

Historical Nevada Internet Speeds Over Time

Speed test results show an average of 85.65 Mbps download and 20.18 Mbps upload speeds across all mobile, tablet, and desktop devices tested. Take a look at the charts below for an at-a-glance view of of speed test results by device.

Trends by Device Type

Report View

Date Range

This is the historical Internet Speed for Nevada. You can break the data down by Desktop or Mobile and view the data by table and graph over a 7 day, 3 months and 12 month time frame

Nearby Nevada Internet Speeds by City

Device Type

Sort By

Report View

Date Range

Research Desktop & Mobile Internet speeds for nearby cities in Nevada. You can also view the data by table and graph over a 7 day, 3 months and 12 month time frame.

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Las Vegas Internet Providers

Internationally renowned as the Entertainment Capital of the World, Las Vegas is one of America’s finest and brightest cities. From the world-famous strip to the quaint suburban neighborhoods, there’s a little bit of something for everyone to love in Las Vegas. Whether you’ve decided to settle down in Sin City or you’re a long-time resident in need of an internet upgrade, knowing your available options is a must. 

To avoid the gamble of the current internet provider market in Las Vegas, suit yourself up with facts before making a decision. Using this guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about internet in Las Vegas and how to find a plan that works for you.

What types of internet are available in Las Vegas?

There are five types of internet available in Las Vegas: Satellite, Fixed Wireless, DSL, Cable, and Fiber-Optic. Cable is the most common type of connection residents choose due to high coverage throughout the city. Depending on your location within the city limits, you may be able to choose from all five options, however, those living in more rural areas may be limited to one or two options.

Wondering what the difference between these internet types are? Let’s break it down:

  • Satellite: Satellite internet connects users to the web by use of three separate satellite dishes; one located at the internet service provider’s station, one suspended in space, and one anchored to your property. For Las Vegas residents living in areas with limited internet connectivity options, satellite internet provides a convenient and far-reaching solution. Capture speeds ranging from 1-15 Mbps.
  • Fixed Wireless: Fixed Wireless internet uses radio waves transmitted by a cell tower to connect users to the internet via an exterior antenna fixed to your home. Fixed Wireless is an excellent option for residents living on the outskirts of central Las Vegas. Offering speeds between 5-50 Mbps, users can expect download rates similar to DSL.
  • DSL: Digital Subscriber Line, better known as DSL, connects users to the internet via bandwidth connection made through a telephone network. Because DSL works on separate frequencies than telephones, users can use both internet and phone at the same time without experiencing any interruption. DSL supports download speeds ranging between 10-40 Mbps.
  • Cable: Fostering an internet connection through a cable modem and a coaxial cable, Cable internet is typically the ideal option for users looking for TV bundled plans and speeds faster than DSL. Cable speeds range between 10-500 Mbps.
  • Fiber-Optic: Fiber Optic internet connects users to the web via fiber optic cables rather than traditional copper wires. Residents searching for the fastest Las Vegas internet speeds can enjoy lightning-fast speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps.

Keep in mind that each and every neighborhood in Las Vegas will have different providers and plan availability. To find what types of internet are available in your area, simply enter your zip code in our search tool and we’ll present you with your options.

How do I find affordable internet options in Las Vegas?

While there are five types of internet residents can choose from in Las Vegas, each type effectively accomplishes the same thing—connecting you to the web. Despite their twin functionality, no two internet types or service providers are made equal, especially when it comes to your wallet. 

If you’re on the hunt for affordable internet options in Las Vegas, taking the time to compare and contrast your local options is a great way to gauge what you’re looking for and how much you’re willing to pay for it. 

Las Vegas is home to a total of 35 internet providers. The most affordable options are available through the following providers:

  • Cox Communications
  • CenturyLink
  • HughesNet

What are the highest-rated internet providers in Las Vegas?

If you live in a high-coverage part of Sin City, you’ll likely be able to choose from all five types of internet. In order to narrow down your options and hammer out your decision-making process, you’ll likely want to know which providers are most well-received by customers. Check out the rankings below for a quick look at the highest-rated Las Vegas internet providers:

  • HughesNet Best Satellite internet
  • Rise Broadband Best Fixed Wireless internet
  • CenturyLinkBest DSL internet
  • Cox Communication Best Cable internet
  • CenturyLink Best Fiber-Optic internet

How much internet speed do I need in Las Vegas?

Everyone wants their internet to be fast, but how much speed do you actually need? Figuring out your ideal internet speed will allow you to accurately match your household or business web-connectivity demands. This means accounting for the type of web-intensive activities you plan on doing and how many people will be using the connection. 

A couple living in a studio apartment looking for an affordable plan that satisfies casual browsing needs will likely be best suited with much slower speeds than that of a commercial office space. Take the time to first consider your usage and speed needs before settling on your choice Las Vegas internet provider and plan.

Light internet users searching for a stable internet connection that can accommodate casual web browsing may find a basic plan that offers download speeds around 25 Mbps perfectly suitable. More demanding users planning on downloading large files or streaming videos should consider plans starting at 100 Mbps. Heavy web users looking to stream 4K videos and play intense online games should gear up with internet services that offer speeds up to 1000 Mbps.

25+ Mbps

  • Light web-surfing
  • Social media browsing
  • Moderate video-streaming
  • Ideal for 1-2 person household of light internet users

100+ Mbps

  • Intermediate online gaming
  • High-resolution video chatting
  • High-definition video streaming
  • Ideal for 4+ person household

1000+ Mbps

  • 4K video streaming on multiple devices
  • Downloading and sharing large files
  • Appropriate for home offices
  • Ideal for large households or commercial settings

How do I compare internet providers in Las Vegas?

To best ensure that the Las Vegas internet provider you choose is the right choice out of your pool of options, it’s important to first weigh your needs and lifestyle circumstances. The first step is to make sure the provider(s) and plan(s) you’re interested in offer coverage in your Las Vegas neighborhood. The second step is comparing and contrasting these four factors to examine the pros and cons of each option:

  • Cost: Footing the bill for your internet plan shouldn’t throw your budget out of whack. Make sure the plan you select is one that makes financial sense.
  • Speed: Your internet speed ultimately determines how efficiently your web connection will work. Whether you’re a heavy user depending on a solid connection to run data-heavy programs or a light user just looking for a basic connection for light site-browsing, survey your online demands carefully to avoid settling for a plan too basic or too extreme.
  • Data Caps: Data caps enforce a maximum amount of data you’re allowed to use before your provider reduces your bandwidth levels. While there are internet plans that offer unlimited high-speed, the vast majority enforce data caps.
  • Contracts: Contract lengths in Las Vegas are typically 1-year, however, many providers offer month-to-month plans. This is an especially attractive option for those planning on short-term residency.

Which Las Vegas neighborhoods are most-connected?

Las Vegas is home to 26 sprawling neighborhoods. From The Strip and Charleston Heights to Downtown and Centennial Hills, the city’s reach is abundant with a myriad of internet options. The more central and densely-populated neighborhoods, the more likely residents will be able to choose from all five types of internet available in Las Vegas county. With top contenders CenturyLink and Cox offering supreme coverage (97% and 95% respectively), odds are likely your part of the city has a few open options.

Should I bundle TV or phone service with my internet in Las Vegas?

Bundling TV and/or phone service with your internet plan is an excellent option for households interested in streamlining their services with a sole provider. Popular options like Cox Communications and CenturyLink offer bundled plans that allow you to create a TV, internet, and/or phone plan that works for you. 

The best bundle plan can not only connect you to the web and provide you with TV and/or phone service, but it can also save you money. In most cases, providers offer discounts to those looking to purchase multiple subscription services. One-stop-shopping for web, phone, and TV can even save you the headache of searching for (and dealing with) several different service providers. With everything streamlined onto one simple monthly bill, managing your finances is made simple and straightforward.

Bandwidth Place is here to help

As your one-stop-shop answer when it comes to finding the best internet providers in Las Vegas, Bandwidth Place makes your search simple. We’re here to help you find the best internet packages in Sin City. Whether you’re looking for Satellite, Cable, DSL, or Fiber-Optic internet, we can compare plans and providers to ensure you make the right decision for your needs. Just call us at 800-990-0017 or use our Provider Finder tool to get started!