Top HTML5 Internet Speed Test Results in New Jersey

Speed test results show an average of 33.15 Mbps download and 22.76 Mbps upload speeds across all mobile, tablet, and desktop devices tested. Take a look at the charts below for an at-a-glance view of of speed test results by device. ViaSat, Inc., AT&T, Time Warner and Verizon Wireless are among the many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) delivering broadband to United States.

BETA: The chart data is based on tests taken from a wide range of devices using varying operating systems and browsers. The test results reveal the actual bandwidth the user received at the time of the test. Check back regularly to take advantage of our latest features and added server locations, or fill out the contact form on the speed test page and we'll keep you in the loop!

Nearby New Jersey Internet Speeds by City

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Research Desktop & Mobile Internet speeds for nearby cities in New Jersey. You can also view the data by table and graph over a 7 day, 3 months and 12 month time frame.

Research Desktop & Mobile Internet speeds for nearby cities in New Jersey. You can also view the data by table and graph over a 7 day, 3 months and 12 month time frame.
Edison 20 Mbps 9 Mbps
Matawan 16 Mbps 14 Mbps
Northvale 6 Mbps 2 Mbps
Jersey City 42 Mbps 38 Mbps
Absecon 14 Mbps 12 Mbps
Secaucus 11 Mbps 7 Mbps
Newark 38 Mbps 31 Mbps
Union City 30 Mbps 29 Mbps
Trenton 51 Mbps 44 Mbps
Middletown 27 Mbps 25 Mbps

New Jersey Internet Providers & Internet Products by City

New Jersey Internet Upload and Download Speeds by City

Discover Internet Speeds for various New Jersey cities, find out more about our speed test data and internet provider info each each city by following the links below.
Location Download Upload Location Download Upload
Plainfield 47Mbps 44Mbps Cherry Hill 39Mbps 28Mbps
Passaic 48Mbps 36Mbps Union City 23Mbps 13Mbps
East Orange 30Mbps 9Mbps Bayonne 44Mbps 40Mbps
West New York 40Mbps 38Mbps North Bergen 45Mbps 36Mbps
Vineland 36Mbps 19Mbps Piscataway 34Mbps 21Mbps
New Brunswick 44Mbps 29Mbps Wayne 31Mbps 21Mbps
Irvington 34Mbps 19Mbps Perth Amboy 38Mbps 31Mbps
Princeton 35Mbps 32Mbps Sicklerville 37Mbps 15Mbps
Hoboken 34Mbps 24Mbps Somerset 38Mbps 17Mbps
Bloomfield 43Mbps 37Mbps Bridgeton 70Mbps 38Mbps

Historical New Jersey Internet Speeds Over Time

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This is the historical Internet Speed for New Jersey. You can break the data down by Desktop or Mobile and view the data by table and graph over a 7 day, 3 months and 12 month time frame

This is the historical Internet Speed for New Jersey. You can break the data down by Desktop or Mobile and view the data by table and graph over a 7 day, 3 months and 12 month time frame
2017-04-01 29 Mbps 18 Mbps desktop
2017-05-01 34 Mbps 20 Mbps desktop
2017-06-01 39 Mbps 25 Mbps desktop
2017-07-01 38 Mbps 22 Mbps desktop
2017-08-01 26 Mbps 19 Mbps desktop
2017-09-01 25 Mbps 18 Mbps desktop
2017-10-01 25 Mbps 20 Mbps desktop
2017-11-01 27 Mbps 23 Mbps desktop
2017-12-01 27 Mbps 19 Mbps desktop
2018-01-01 27 Mbps 19 Mbps desktop
2018-02-01 40 Mbps 25 Mbps desktop
2018-03-01 36 Mbps 21 Mbps desktop
2018-04-01 49 Mbps 32 Mbps desktop

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New Jersey Internet Speed on Average 33.15

8.5% of Population with access to over 1000Mbps
62.6% of New Jersey with access to Fiber Optic & Fiber Providers
69.4% of Population with 3 or more Internet Provider choices
There are 9 Internet providers in New Jersey
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